How to Tuesday: Dress for Success

Happy Tuesday! Many of you might be wondering what to wear to the interview for your summer internship, or how to rock it out in style at a career fair. Below are a few ways to dress for success!

1.  Dress formally, even if the office environment is casual. Women: remember cleavage and tight clothing are great for the club and bad for office settings, you don’t want to look unprofessional standing next to someone in a full suit

2. Outerwear is just as important as your interview suit/outfit– make sure your coat is business appropriate and presents the image you want from the moment you step through the doors

3. Bright colors for accessories, ties, camisoles or socks are great, in general interview outfits/suits in dark colors convey that you are a serious job candidate who is capable of looking the part as well as acting it!

4. Accessorize with jewelry (small) pieces that won’t over-power your interview look, if you are in a creative field this is a chance to show your style and creativity

5. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and business appropriate, i.e. not too bright or casual, open toed, or sandals/flip flops- you won’t know how conservative the interviewer is, or what they consider a “faux pas”- so letting your words do the talking and not your outfit is key.

6. Women: make sure your make-up & nails are neutral and natural and your hair is away from your face, hair should not be a distraction. Men: make sure your haircut conveys attention to grooming or care

7. Interview purses or briefcases should be big enough to hold your resume and essentials, but not big enough to look like you’re going away for a long weekend!

8. Do a sit test in your suit/outfit to make sure it and you are comfortable

9. Iron or Dry Clean your interview suit/outfit– nothing says you are unprepared and unprofessional like lots of wrinkles or dirt spots!

10. Details matter– on your resume, in your interview, and in what you wear- be mindful when choosing your outfit!


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