What Now, Wasserman? Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare…but don’t Cyberstalk

I finally scored an interview for my dream job, but I don’t know how to prepare! Do I stalk my interviewer on Facebook? Find out his Twitter handle and pretend to like the band he went to see last weekend? What now, Wasserman? – Cyberstalking in Founders

First, please do not cyber stalk your interviewer. Second, calm down. There are tons of ways to prepare for an interview so have no fear, take our advice, and you’ll be confident and prepared to land your dream job. The best way to prepare for any interview is to first do your research. Be familiar with the job description and know about general industry trends. Find out about your employer the right way; utilize tools like Hoovers and Vault (available on NYU CareerNet) to learn about them and their career. You should also familiarize yourself with the organization’s website. Look for client information, the annual report, the company mission, and the general language used, etc. And this may be an obvious tip, but be prepared to discuss your goals, accomplishments, and experiences. Make sure to have specific examples ready in case your interviewer should ask for them. So start preparing and practice practice practice!

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