How to Tuesdays: Elevator Pitches

Elevator Pitch: increasingly important, especially when networking to get to the next step! You need a powerful and persuasive elevator pitch to extend and support your personal brand. What and How you talk about yourself is equally important.

10 Pitch Tips:

  1. What is unique about you? Write it down and practice it. How will you stand out from the crowd?
  2. It has to come naturally and “roll off your tongue”, if it sounds to rehearsed you lose the power of what your saying.
  3. One sentence is usually enough. One sentence to start is good- it will force you when writing it down to choose your words carefully- and avoid sounding like a rambler. Short and Sweet!
  4. Your second word should be a verb- what do you do? Think about your accomplishments and results. Use the list of action verbs provided in the NYU Resume handout for guidance.
  5. You have to believe it! Be confident when telling others about your strengths. If your elevator pitch makes you embarrassed consider why- is it worth changing, or do you need to believe in your accomplishments as much as you are able to actually achieve them?
  6. Be energetic and enthusiastic!
  7. Smile! Smiling shows you are confident, friendly and open to continuing the conversation- everything you need to have a successful first impression!
  8. Know when to shut up and listen. Fight the urge to say more just to fill the space. You elevator pitch should stand on its own and be a gateway to as conversation, not a monologue!
  9. Leave them wanting more- a great litmus test for your elevator pitch is if the other person asks you a question based off your pitch.
  10. Have a few elevator pitch tools to fall back on- an elevator pitch is unique to each person. Who your audience is will likely determine what your elevator pitch is- having a few different pitch options will help you to tweak what you say for each situation.

Your elevator pitch should be just like you- unique, well presented and professional!

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