How to Tuesday: How to Rock the Class of 2013 Resume Book Collection

Class of 2013! You’re just a couple of weeks away from senior year. Which means…. its time to start looking for jobs!

Still reading? Okay great..

Don’t you wish a magical job fairy would find the perfect job for you, and send employers scrambling to call you? Well, we have the closest thing: Resume Books! Put your best foot forward and let the employers who want you, find you themselves.

Starting TODAY until Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 3pm, the Wasserman Center for Career Development will collect resumes for the Class of 2013 Resume Book Collection . These books will be distributed to hundreds of employers in industries such as government/nonprofit,  finance, marketing, engineering and technology, advertising, public relations, entertainment, health care, consulting, education, real estate and many more, and serve as one source for recruiting Class of 2013 graduates.

The Steps in a Nutshell (Must be completed by May 17th 3pm):
1) a) Meet the eligibility requirements below. b) Come in during walk-ins and get your resume signed off on by a counselor.

Yes, you must still come in – even if someone here has looked at your resume before. It never hurts to get another set of eyes on it!

2) Submit the signed form and hard copy of your resume book to the recruitment desk.

3) Select up to 4 books for your resume to be included in

4) Complete the electronic upload process (you’ll get these instructions after we receive your hard copy).

Eligibility Requirements:
– Be officially recognized by the University as receiving an academic degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD) in January, May or September 2013 (certificate candidates, MBAs and Law students are NOT eligible).

-Get your resume critiqued and signed off on by the Wasserman Center or NYU-Poly Career Center staff before the deadline. Click here for the Wasserman walk in hours schedule. Click here for the NYU-Poly walk in hours schedule. This must take place even if a counselor has looked at your resume in the past.

For detailed submission instructions go to

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