Interview Cancellations

Although there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, in the professional world it is never a good idea to cancel an interview, or worse, miss an interview.

The world is a small place, and word spreads quickly if a candidate cancels or misses an interview. It burns bridges with not only the company you were intending to interview with, but  also with other potential employers as well.

At the Wasserman Center, we work hard to build relationships with employers and professionals. It becomes difficult to maintain such relationships when candidates miss interviews. It reflects poorly on the university as a whole and creates a bad report that candidates do not take the interview process seriously.

If you must cancel an interview, you should make sure to give us at least four business days notice. This allows the employer to find another candidate as a replacement or allows them to free their schedule so that they are not wasting their time. In the professional world, time is extremely valuable. Oftentimes employers are flexible and willing to reschedule, the chances of rescheduling your interview are much better if you notify the staff ahead of time.

If you are no longer sure about your interest in company, do not sign up for an interview for the sake of signing up for an interview. While its good practice to take advantage of every opportunity, it also shows focus and diligence to identify a position or company you don’t feel fit for. Only sign up for interviews with companies that you are genuinely interested in working for. The company you may not be so interested in may be another candidates dream job.

If an unexpected situation arises, notify the employer or recruitment staff as soon as possible. Do not wait until after your interview was scheduled to address your absence. Please keep in mind, while some employers are flexible and understanding, other employers feel insulted.

If you ever feel you need help on how to maneuver the recruitment process or whether you feel fit for an interview, we encourage you to schedule an appointment through your NYU CareerNet with a career counselor. They will be able to answer any of your questions and give you advice on the interview process.

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