Meet the Global Peers: Paris

Jakie Kim

Best Advice?

An older NYU student once told me that 4 years of college is enough time to set yourself up for the rest of your life.
She told me to utilize every opportunity that NYU offered me (especially the free ones). That meant going to the resource center, checking out books, borrowing movies, going to the gym, making friends with the people on my floor, sending email to alumni, going to all the NY events, sneaking into parties to network, etc.

How to make a good first impression at an internship:

My advice for making a good impression starts in the morning of your first day. Dress the part. Clean clothes and great hair go a long way. Also, bring some sort of breakfast treat if you can. Usually, if peope like a healthy morning snack or even biscottis to much on with a morning coffee. I mean, who doesn’t like a free snack? And when the people who ate thank you (which they will), you can strike up a conversation with them.
Also, don’t be afraid to speak up. I know when I start working at a new place, I’m always so scared to do something wrong or say something wrong that I decide to just stay quiet. But you should keep in mind that a first impression is still an impression, so you’re going to need to speak up in order to do that! Talk about TV, or movies, or pop culture. If you know something going on in your field of work, talk about that. If you’re interning/working in the same place as someone else, you’re bound to have something in common with your colleagues.

Two weeks in any site:

If I could spend two weeks at any of the NYU sites, I would choose Shanghai (Paris would be first choice, but I’m here so I’m assuming I cant pick this.). I feel like there’s a lot of really great new industries popping up in China and it’s in the middle of this incredible revolution. It would be great to get on the excitement and buzz that is in Shanghai. Also, I feel like the culture would be completely different from the US which would make for an incredible experience.

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