If you’ve heard the joke about start-ups being the new “hipster,” it’s because the combination of the current economical and technological climate is well suited for such an environment. Thanks to laptops that weigh nothing, the universal mobile market, and the fact that the internet can do anything, you cannot doubt the fact that, right now, start-ups are enjoying their golden age.

A startup is described as, if you want to get technical, “a company or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.” Because startups are designed to search for ideas, they are the perfect working environment for people who feel their creative right brain often outsmarts their analytical left.

I’m a NYU Tisch alum (Dramatic Writing ’11) and do marketing and communications for Pluto Mobile. We are ourselves a start-up, and we just launched the beta build of Pluto, a local discovery app for iPhone that will revolutionize the way you discover New York. I handle all of Pluto’s Social Media and PR.

As much as I’d rather not admit it, the collective phrase “wearing a lot of hats” works better than any other common statement does at describing the start-up environment. Working with a small team on a product that is not yet established means you are really thinking conceptually all of the time. It isn’t so much stepping on other people’s toes as it is working together to craft a product that is innovative, smart, and marketable. So I’ve learned a lot about marketing, which I knew nothing about, sales, which I knew nothing about, and mobile apps! Which… I guess I knew a lot about already.

There are, in general, a lot of perks to working at a start-up. Sophia (Marketing intern)’s immediate reply when I asked her what her favorite perk was is, “We get to wear whatever we want to work.” Jeans included, guys.

Danny, our Marketing Manager, explains: “At a start-up, everybody’s voice is heard. At a corporation you are [often] just a number, but at a start-up, you are actually a person who gets listened to.”

If you are interested in being part of the Pluto team, drop me a message and your resume at If you are interested in being part of the Pluto community, sign up to test our Beta here.

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