Now is the time to jumpstart your job/internship search, update your resume and cover letter, practice your interviewing skills, and develop a job search strategy. The Wasserman team wants to remind you of a few things regarding your job and internship search as the semester comes to a close.

IT IS A MYTH that you should put your job/internship search on hold during the December/January time period:
• Since fewer candidates are looking for jobs/internships at this time, and a number of employers are trying to get a jump on the competition in hiring, it would be wise to job search during the holiday season.
• Another advantage is the easier accessibility of decision makers at organizations during this time of year. In many instances, HR and support staff are on vacation between Christmas and New Year’s, so management/supervisors could be the direct contacts you reach.
• Employers may have more free time in their schedules to offer informational interviews, which can lead not only to helpful advice and input, but also to possible job leads and opportunities.

DON’T FORGET to keep using NYU CareerNet throughout the break. While you are on Winter Break, employers are not. This is a great time to search for jobs/internships, update your NYU CareerNet profile, and update your resume with any changes to your major, GPA, or experience.

FOLLOW UP WITH CONTACTS: Send a personalized note to check in with all your professional contacts. Find a creative way to stay on someone’s radar – perhaps through a shared professional interest, or industry-related news. Share any relevant news about your academics, experience, or professional interests; inquire about their work or industry, and express your gratitude for any advice or guidance they have provided.

NETWORK PURPOSEFULLY: The holidays are a perfect time to reach out to your professional network and potential employers. This is about relationship-building, so you want to make your contact personalized. Take the time to call some people, attend events and parties, and connect with people to discuss job opportunities. Try to target experienced professionals and decision

CAREER COUNSELING: During the Winter Break career counseling appointments are available with little wait time. The Wasserman Center’s staff of professional career counselors provides individualized career guidance and support with identifying career interests, exploring professional goals, and discussing job search strategies in your specific area of interest. An
appointment with a career counselor can help:
• Identify and explore career interests
• Effectively search for internships and jobs in your field
• Edit your resume and cover letter
• Polish your interviewing skills
• Critique your resume and cover letters

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