November Spotlight: Networking!

Do your networking skills need disaster relief? Check out Wasserman’s networking resources!

October left us with a lot to clean up! We made it through the difficulty of Hurricane Sandy, and are ready to kick off Networking November! Over 80% of jobs are found through networking, so it is crucial that you have these skills mastered. Practicing networking and putting yourself in situations to practice these skills will set you apart from the massive pool of applicants many job postings will receive. Whether you are an extrovert who is extremely comfortable working the crowd, or an introvert who would prefer crafting a well thought out e-mail, putting yourself out there is imperative.

Luckily, the Wasserman Center provides you with a plethora of resources and opportunities to ensure you can master these skills!


It is great (especially for introverts) to begin the networking process online. However, keep in mind that to be the most effective it is important to go beyond the computer screen and toward speaking to contacts in real life settings.

Mentor Network: The Mentor Network is accessed through your NYU CareerNet account, and is a database of professionals who have expressed interest in supporting NYU students in their career development. Fore more information, and to gain access, come to the Wasserman Center during walk-in hours.

Wasserman Center Student and Alumni Career Connections LinkedIn Group: This group consists of over 5,000 members, and offers you the opportunity to begin discussions or network individually with NYU alumni!


When networking in any capacity you want to make sure you are being professional, and not overly aggressive.  A career counselor can help you with an individualized approach to networking in the industries and organizations you are hoping to target.

Employer Information Sessions: There’s a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive. Make sure that you let other people speak and contribute to the conversation in a reasonable manner. If you don’t feel like there’s a chance to communicate as much as you would like with an employer, get the employer’s business card and follow up with a thoughtful e-mail. You can even ask to meet for coffee to further discuss how you can make yourself a competitive applicant for his/her organization. So many employers tell us that 200 people will be at their information session, and only 2-3 people will follow up afterwards. Make sure to take the time to do so! To find out when the next Information Sessions are taking place you can go to Events > Information Sessions in your NYU CareerNet account.

Social Media and Networking for Your Job Search Seminars: This seminar is facilitated by NYU Wasserman Center staff, and give you the opportunity to learn how to professionally leverage social media for a productive job search. To find out when the next seminar is taking place, go to Events > Seminars in NYU CareerNet..

Wasserman Special Events: Events like our Boot Camp Series, and plethora of graduate student events offer numerous opportunities to meet with employers and practice your networking skills! We try our best to always have a great cross-section of employers so that there is someone who could be useful to anyone’s career interests!

Networking November has officially begun! We’ll continue to discuss networking tools and resources to help you network your way to the job of your dreams.

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