New Social Media Platforms (That You’re Not Using, But Should)

Throughout Social Media Week at the Wasserman Center, we’ve been learning about ways to optimize our portfolios. There is so much we can do with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. If you need examples, Wasserman has them. This week, we were introduced to a few new tools that promote our professional identities, thoughts, causes, and brands. And all of them are quite fun!

If you’re looking for a fun, informative, visual web-based supplement to your resume, may be for you. Think of as LinkedIn in living color! The platform creates an infographic profile of your professional experiences, including work history, current position, credentials, recommendations, and job functions. will also automatically populate your page if you connect it to you LinkedIn account. While visitors can download your visual resume, you can easily track clicks and page views through its user-friendly analytics system.



Twitter launched this additional application on its platform that allows you to take six-second videos. You can stitch videos together to create a short viral video and share your new film through Twitter, Facebook, or an embed on a site. Think of Vine as the video answer to Instagram, or a little moving picture insight into your life!

@NYUWasserman and @NYUWassEmployer now use Vine! Feel free to send us your six-second #iamlimitless videos!
The New Hive

Art, creativity, websites, branding, and self-expression are hard to put together. The New Hive curates your careers, experiences, and thoughts using a drag-and-drop mechanism to upload content. Create a one-off website with pictures, paint tools, music, video embeds, animations effects, links, shapes, vector graphics, uploads, sharing, and more. Professionalize your page by plugging social media API access.
As The New Hive puts it, “We’re all creative, we just make expressing it easier.”
Ifttt (If This Then That)

Jeremy Goldman (@jeremarketer) from Thursday’s Spotlight on Careers in Social Media panel referred @NYUWasserman to Ifttt!
If you’re use to structure and ever wished certain online actions dictated specific results, we might have found an equation-based web service for you! Ifttt is a site that allows you to create tasks around the “if this, then that” structure. For example, the catalyst – “if this” – might be “when I am tagged in a photo on Facebook,” the trigger – “then that” – might be something like “send me an e-mail” or “create a status message on Facebook.” Create Ifttt recipes using various social media platforms and your e-mail, and keep track of these recipes to manage specific tasks. A task might be to send thank-you messages whenever someone retweets a message of yours. If you’re on the go, interact and engage frequently, and are looking for way to automate operations related to your presence, Ifttt may be a great site for your busy, busting brand!

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