A Gathering of Graduates: Master’s Focus

At A Gathering of Graduates: Master’s Focus, a panel of NYU graduate students from the Graduate Student Leadership Board spoke with a group of prospective and current graduate students. The panelists from SCPS, Gallatin and GSAS provided insight into both the process of applying to graduate school, as well as how to best utilize the resources as a graduate student at NYU.

Here are the main suggestions discussed at the event.

If you’re currently considering applying to graduate school:

Evaluate your long-term goals.

Since a graduate degree is a specialization, it is important to evaluate your long-term goals and how the degree would fit into them. Research the industries you are interested in to see whether jobs require graduate degrees and whether most professionals in that area attend graduate school right after an undergraduate program or, instead, work for several years first.

If you’re considering a gap year before attending graduate school, consider how you can make the best of the year off and how you will sell the benefits you gained from that year in the future.

Understand the requirements of the program, including for the GRE.

Although some programs do not require a standardized test score, if the program you are considering does require it, consider registering for a prep course to help prepare you for the test. Additionally, research whether the graduate program you are interested in weighs one section of the GRE more heavily than others. This will help you focus your studying on the section of the test most important for the admissions decision.

Research professionals in industries you are interested in.

LinkedIn and NYU Wasserman’s Mentor Network provide great opportunities to connect with professionals to learn about the path they took to get to their career today. Use these resources to see what steps you can take to get to your ideal career, including which graduate program and courses would be the most valuable.

If you’re currently studying in a graduate program at NYU:

Take advantage of New York City by volunteering or interning.

An internship or volunteer opportunity can provide invaluable experience that can help you in the classroom, such as by allowing you to bring insights from work into class discussions and assignments, and for obtaining full-time positions. Internship or job opportunities can be found on NYU CareerNet while volunteer opportunities can be found on NYUServiceConnect.

If available in your program, consider studying abroad at one of NYU’s global sites.

Studying abroad provides an excellent opportunity to live and study in another country. Additionally, studying internationally can give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

Understand how to market your degree.

Prepare your “elevator pitch” so that you know how to effectively market the skills you have learned in your graduate program. Networking is an important aspect of the job process, so understand how you want to sell what you have learned in graduate school.

If you missed this event, part two of A Gathering of Graduates is coming up on Friday, April 5th from 2-3PM. This event will feature a panel of doctoral students who will share their experiences and answer any questions you have about pursuing a doctorate degree. Be sure to RSVP for the event on NYU CareerNet!

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