Resource of the Week: International Jobs Center

Resource Name: International Jobs Center

Where to find it: Log in to your NYU CareerNet account and select the Document Library under Resources. Select “International Career Employment Weekly” or go to

What it is: International Jobs Center is a site that offers international professionals job opportunities around the world.  It contains all the information for job openings in a multitude of areas such as intergovernmental organizations, engineering firms, corporations involved in international trade and finance, student exchange organizations and much more.

Who it is good for: It’s a fantastic resource for job or internship seekers with an international background, people looking for an international job or internship, and of course international employers.

Why you should use it: You shouldn’t mistake it for an employment agency, because it’s not. It’s a valuable resource in that it has a wide array of international fields.  While you can’t apply through the site itself, International Jobs Center provides each employer’s information, job requirements, what they’re looking for in a candidate, and lastly how to apply for the position.   It’s helpful in that you have all the information you need to apply for a specific job compiled in one, easily accessible place.

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