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Where to find it: Log into your NYUCareerNet account and select Document Library under Resources. Then scroll down until you see

What it is: is a really great website to frequent. With internships available in many different career fields such as government, marketing, science, journalism and much more, provides the users with an abundance of internship opportunities in the major cities across the US. It’s an easily navigable site that’s almost like the NYUCareerNet, except on a smaller scale.

Who it’s good for: If you’re looking for a short summer internship, or even a part-time internship during the school year, this is definitely a great resource for you to check out. Once you’ve selected your major and the city that you are interested in working in, a fairly long list of internship options appears for your perusal. This is especially useful for freshman and sophomores who are still deciding which field they are interested in pursuing, or for those who just want to gain more experience in their chosen field of study.

Why you should use it: Though most of the internships on this website are part time and unpaid, it’s still a really great and easy way to gain more work experience, because in the end that’s what is more important.  Another plus of using this tool is that, much like the Wasserman Center, you are able to apply for an internship through this website.  Additionally, these internship opportunities that are available are a fantastic way to start your career.

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