NYU Wasserman partners with Qnary

Qnary is proud to announce a strategic partnership with NYU’s Wasserman Center. Qnary helps individuals optimize, monitor, and manage their digital footprints. Qnary’s cutting-edge, cloud-based technology solution aggregates, categorizes, and displays publicly available online information to provide a complete view of individuals’ digital footprints. It also produces step-by-step recommendations that help individuals manage and enhance their online presence. Qnary believes that with an improved online identity, we can help you achieve goals like getting a job, launching a business, or becoming known as a thought leader.

People turn to the web to find personal or professional information about others. They may be Googling a potential boss, looking up a date’s Facebook page, or reading a favorite comedian’s Twitter account.

If you’ve found Qnary thanks to the Wasserman Center, you’re probably looking for an internship, job, or new career. You may be wondering if your online presence matters during the career search. It does.

Your online presence, also known as a digital footprint, is a compilation of all of the publicly available information on the Internet.

If you’re looking for a job, your recruiter has probably seen at least one of your social profiles. According to Jobvite, 86% of recruiters check a candidate’s social media profiles. In 2007, 83% of recruiters used search engines to learn more about job candidates, according to ExecuNet. And, if they didn’t like what they saw, you missed out. A Reppler study showed that 69% have rejected applications based on what they found online.

Those who are looking for senior-level positions don’t have it any easier. A different ExecuNet study showed that most executives (76%) expect companies and recruiters to search for them online when they are applying for a job  — even if they are part of the 22% that has never checked search engines to see which personal or professional information could be uncovered.

Executives who are more Internet savvy, about 11%, fear that the online information that is uncovered could cost them a job. Twenty percent of those surveyed have taken proactive measures to increase the number of positive search results that are found when their names are search.

Working with Qnary (www.qnary.com) is one proactive measure to improve search results that anyone can take. Qnary, a digital identity optimization and reputation management platform, helps individuals see, optimize, and benefit from their public information. The platform gives individuals a deep view of all of the digital information that is publicly available about them.

Unlike some companies that focus on crisis management, Qnary makes good people look great. It provides tips and tools to help the individual build more robust social network profiles and improve search results. Some content sharing tips are embedded as well, allowing Qnary users to create unique, consistent online presences.

There are also individual consultants who can work with professionals to help them achieve their goals. Consultants can be reached at sales@qnary.com.

Wondering what it’s like to work at Qnary, a company that combines technology and expert knowledge to improve their client’s digital footprints? Virtually shadow Lauren, a Marketing Manager, and Amber, a Marketing Lead, as they live tweet their workday!

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