Resource of the Week: Mentor Network


Resource Name: Mentor Network

Where to find it: Thorugh your NYU CareerNet account

What it is: It’s a great resource that the NYU Wasserman Center provides to help students explore different careers by connecting them with alumni and other professionals who are interested in helping you gain valuable experience in whichever career field you choose.

How do they do that? The Mentors in this program are available for you to have an in-person informational interview in which you can discuss their occupation and even obtain career advice and strategies. They’re also open to a “Day on the job” or a “Shadow Day” in which you get to spend a few hours observing your Mentor’s daily work routine and gain a real work perspective on a potential career. Lastly, they’re even available through a phone or Skype call for you to gain even more career-related information.

Who it’s good for: It’s fantastic for all you NYU students out there who want to explore your different areas of interest but don’t really know where to begin. And of course, for alumni and outside employers who are willing to give advice or just talk to students about their jobs and companies.

Why you should use it: As a student at NYU, you don’t really have that much free time to take an internship or job in every company or career you’re interested in. This is a fantastic way to save time as well as get the benefit of talking with a mentor who’s willing to guide and help you figure out. And it’s easy to do so as well!

To connect with a mentor in your area of interest, you can come in for a walk-in appointment and a counselor will briefly go over protocol and the steps to utilize our Mentor Network.

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