Resources of the Week: Week of June 1

Finance and Consulting

Money Management International is the largest full service consumer credit consulting agency in the nation.

It features a number of educational materials for people of all ages and is a great and easy way to learn about personal finance. It has a wide range of informational articles, links, videos and even courses to help you understand how to manage your money better.

This website even provides additional tools such as financial worksheets to help you budget your money for vacations, gifts, groceries and virtually anything else.

A quick and easy way to understand your finances, now with the help of Money Management International, you won’t lose track of your spending!

Arts, Entertainment, and Media

Mediabistro is an easy to use website for those of you interested in social media jobs. With jobs and recruiting available for traditional media professions that cover journalism, social media marketing, social games and much more, you’ll easily find the perfect match for you.

Not exactly looking for a job at this point? That’s fine too! Mediabistro offers courses and how-to videos for you to further your interest and gain some knowledge and skills about different social media platforms and writing styles.

And last but not least, Mediabistro offers blog posts, news stories, and advice for your perusal. So don’t wait and sign up!


Computer Science and Engineering

Dice is pretty nice. has established its own niche in the tech and engineering world. It’s highly ranked and well known sight for job seeking professionals.

Like any other job search engine, Dice allows you to peruse through thousands of information technology jobs only. But here’s the fun part. In addition to your job searches, you also have the opportunity to discuss technology related things with other Dice users. You can follow technology related blogs and share your opinions on different tech firms. What better way to immerse yourself in the field?

Government, Education, Health and Nonprofit

Looking for a job in the public sector. Well, let’s make your search a little easier. Check out, a leading website that is here to help with your job hunt. Their job listings are very detailed, and include executive search firms, advertising agencies and even other governmental jurisdictions.

In addition to the actual job listings, provides job resources through links to statewide newspapers, state leagues and associations, other government websites and much more to help you discover the many employment opportunities.

Graduate Students

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a biweekly newspaper that covers the nonprofit world. Aimed for people involved in charities and foundation leaders, the Chronicle of Philanthropy provides news on fundraising, spotlights on important philanthropists in our community, advice from well known and renowned philanthropists such as Warren and Doris Buffett, and even provides a job search engine specifically for the nonprofit field.

So if you want to further your career in the nonprofit arena, sign up for the Chronicle of Philanthropy!

Global and International

WetFeet, an unusual name for this resource, but is useful nonetheless. offers information about trends markets, and jobs in leading industries. It provides the information you need about career tracks, job outlook, and even an Insider Guide that offers an in-depth look at what it’s really like to work in various careers.

WetFeet is also a fantastic way to research and et detailed information on employers, careers, and industries.

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