Resource of the Week: June 17th

Finance & Consulting

Consulting Central provides research and advice on firms of all sizes across all service lines in order to provide students with an in-depth coverage and market intelligence on the consulting profession.

 Arts, Entertainment & Media

Mashable Jobs covers digital culture, social media and technology news and information. It’s perfect for tech geeks or people looking to further their careers in the digital industry. Find your tech and digital specific jobs and internships and apply directly through the site. Additionally, Mashable is a fantastic source for news, information and resources for our social media savvy generation.

 Technology and Engineering        

TechCrunch is a great resource dedicated to profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products and breaking tech news. While you’re surfing through this site, don’t forget to check out CrunchBase, TechCrunch’s database about startup companies and investors. Peruse the many articles available at the click of your mouse. Maybe you can even contribute to this site and share some of your knowledge of the tech industry!

Government, Education & Non-Profit

SchoolSpring offers new and experienced educators the opportunity to apply for teaching jobs today with ease. It’s useful and easy to use because this website lists teaching jobs from around the country and compiles them in one easy search. So you’re saving time and you only have to fill out your information once! Check out this website fore a complete, cohesive job postings search.

Tourism & Hospitality

The World Travel and Tourism Council provides students looking for an internship in the tourism industry with a myriad of opportunities to look in to. Additionally, the professional staff that works for the World Travel and Tourism Council is drawn from diverse career backgrounds. It also provides the latest news on people and places around the world in the travel industry. So if this is the industry where you’re headed, go to the World Travel and Tourism council website to look up the specific opportunities offered.

Over Seas Jobs

Want to live in a new city? Experience a different culture from a local’s point of view? Check out Overseas Jobs today! This website features over seas jobs (obviously) and employment opportunities for professionals seeking an adventure in a different country. Overseas Jobs helps guide you in researching the transition to a different country, employers, and even offers information and advice on career fields in nearly every industry in the country of your choice. Explore the myriad of job postings listed on this website and hopefully you’ll be able to land your new job in an exotic country!

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