Resource of the Week: Pinterest

Pinterest may be that landscape of food, fashion, DIY and wedding planning. But, boasting 50 million users, this visual heavy social network can also be used vastly in your job search and for your career objectives.

Many people prefer to absorb information visually. This form of visual learning is not only limited to Yoga instructions or fondue recipes. It can also include interviewing tips, preparing your resume, and industry information.

Use Pinterest to stay organized and use images to remind you of things you have read or images that have inspired you.

Quick tip: If you don’t want people to see a certain board – say which companies you are researching – change that board to private for your own viewing.

Pinterest To-do List:

  1. Follow companies that interest you: Stay up to date on companies’ most recent pins to see what advancements or changes the company may be making. You can also use it to have a glimpse into the company culture.
  2. Follow career experts: Many experts and career sites use Pinterest as a way to consolidate their articles. By following career experts, you can gain insight on your job search and also how to excel in a particular industry. You can also learn new skills and tips to make you a better candidate

But, also use Pinterest to explore and to inspire. Discover ideas on how to dress professionally – both for men and women, how to answer difficult interview questions, or how to behave at a formal business luncheon.

Pinterest allows you to share content and images from external websites as well as to showcase talent and work from your own hard-drive.  You can use Pinterest as Project Board for your own, original work. Or, you can even use Pinterest as a virtual resume to supplement your physical resume.

Don’t forget, link your Pinterest to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to grow your followers and spread your social media impact.

Pinterest Homework: Build a Visual Resume Board

While a standard, black and white resume is still required for most positions, a visual resume can be a way to supplement your job search and set you apart from the crowd. By creating a visual resume, you can showcase your work history and demonstrate your experience in a pictorial manner.

Where to begin? Pin photos of schools you’ve attended with links to the programs you enrolled in. Similarly, pin logos of companies you’ve worked or professional associates you are a part of.  You can also pin images of awards you’ve won or achievements you’ve made over the past few years.

Once you’ve pinned some images and linked to the appropriate websites, utilize the text box provided. Be sure to capture the importance of each pin as well as how it relates to your career or work objectives.

You can also add a quick description of your visual resume board through the “Edit Board” option.

The key is to concisely depict your professional image and brand through your board’s content and tone.

Once you’ve completed your visual resume board, be sure to share it with your followers. You can add a direct link to your visual resume board on your physical resume, as well as your Email signature, LinkedIn and other social media websites.

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