Tapping the Hidden Job Market

If you attended our seminar last night, you already know that nearly 70% of jobs are found by Tapping the Hidden Job Market.  But in case you missed it, here are some tips and tricks for recent graduates looking for a job, current students searching for an internship, or for experienced professionals who are seeking to advance their career.

Adjust Your Approach

Adjust your approach and cut back on the job boards!  Ideally you should spend 75% of your efforts on active job search strategies such as networking with individuals and companies of interest to you.  Spend the extra 25% of your efforts on more passive approaches such as job boards and applying through company websites.

Expand Your Network

60 – 75% of jobs are found through networking.  Be sure to target current/former colleagues, friends, family, NYU alumni…everyone!  Never disregard an opportunity to network.  Even if a contact is not in your target industry, they may know someone who is!  You may meet such individuals by asking for informational interviews, joining professional associations, and attending events in your industry or function.

Build Relationships

Remember, in building relationships with your professional contacts, you want to set goals to acquire information and resources- NOT ask for a job.  You must first build out the relationship by asking for an informational interview, sending professional updates, sharing relevant industry information, introducing your contact to others in your network, or inviting them to industry events.  It is important to try to maintain the relationship when possible so that when a job opportunity arises, your contact will think of you for the position.

Tip:  Create a spreadsheet of your contacts so you can keep track of your activity.

Include the date you met them, what you discussed, your means of communication (In-person, email, or phone) etc.  Always follow up!

Get on Social Online

Use online platforms, like LinkedIn, to connect with professionals and groups in your industry.  Build out your profiles and interactions to reflect your personal brand and expertise.  The same rules apply for your online job search strategy!  Spend 25% of your time applying to jobs and 75% of your time networking.

FYI:  NYU Wasserman Center career counselors will help you revamp your online profiles!  If you want to learn more about Leveraging LinkedIn join us for a short webinar on July 10 from 12 – 12:30 to learn how to maximize your online presence.

By following these steps, you will be able to revise your job search strategy to become a more active participant who can showcase their abilities and contributions to a potential employer within your targeted industry.  Devising and enacting an effective strategy to tap the hidden job market takes planning and time.  Request a career counseling appointment to discuss your strategy with a career counselor, and start on your path for a successful job search today.

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