Resources of the Week: July 8th

Finance and Consulting

Quant Finance is a job board website dedicated to helping you find your perfect job in the fields of finance, financial engineering, mathematical finance, and risk management. This website facilitates recruitment and helps connect you working professionals around the globe. Don’t settle for anything less than the leading niche job board in its employment sector!

Arts & Entertainment

The Theatre Communications Group is a national organization for the American Theatre. TCG offers networking opportunities through conferences, events, research, and communications. This organization seeks to promote and celebrate your artistic talents and achievements in your field and foster a larger public appreciation for theatre!

Science & Technology

Creative Design Pros (on LinkedIn) allows for you to connect with other computer engineers, software and program designers, and graphic designers. Tune in and participate in discussions on this page, connect with others in your field, or even ask questions that have been plaguing you about your field or career! This is a great opportunity for you to gain more insight in different technology related professions as well as build up your network!

Government, Non-Profit & Education

City Year is a non-profit organization set to engage citizens to benefit the common good and demonstrate the power of young people. Corps members of City Year serve as tutors, mentors, and role models to help students stay on track to graduate. If you’re interested in making a different in the lives of the youth and helping the next generations have the opportunity to acquire a better livelihood for themselves, then consider applying to City Year!

Sports, Hospitality & Tourism

The American Hotel and Lodging Association is the sole organization that serves the interests of hoteliers everywhere. Members of AH&LA have access to exclusive bottom line savings, educational resources, and networking opportunities with top-level industry professionals. Want to further your career in the hotel industry? Then the American Hotel and Lodging Association is a fantastic resource for you to sign up for!


International Business Group (on LinkedIn) is a company specializing in international trade and development. Have you already started your business or are you looking to start your own business? IBG will help you build the businesses in areas of sourcing and supplying engineering and automotive products. Join this group on LinkedIn today.

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