Employer Perspectives: AllianceBernstein

Name:  Muneeb Syed

Grad Year:  2013

Current Position:  Investment Management Operations Associate

Muneeb Syed graduated from NYU in 2013 with a major in Economics. He is currently a Technology & Operations Program Associate at AllianceBernstein in the Investment Management Track. In his spare time, he likes to watch and play sports.

I’m currently an Associate at AllianceBernstein in Derivative Operations under the Investment Management track. Prior to joining, I had attended NYU and graduated with an Economics major in May 2013. Prior to starting full time in the rotational program, I took part in the 10 week internship in the summer after my junior year. That experience allowed me to realize that AllianceBernstein is where I wanted to spend my career. I was fortunate to land an offer to return for the rotational program and it has certainly lived up to its expectation.

Benefits of a Rotational Program

The rotational program presents an opportunity to continue to develop new skills and continuously learn about different sides of the business. It provides direct exposure to many different roles within the company and an opportunity to really figure out where we find the most interest. There are always new challenges or opportunities to learn about the industry and to really refine our skill-set.  It’s a difficult transition going from college to the work force. However it’s an adjustment that AllianceBernstein does a great job in supporting. Unlike most regular full time positions where you’re thrown into a particular role on a team, a rotational program allows you to get experiences in many different areas of the business before settling on a permanent role. AllianceBernstein serves as a great place to not only apply the skills that are taught throughout college but to really learn new ones.

Culture at AllianceBernstein

The culture at AllianceBernstein is one of the greatest selling points that the firm has. It’s modeled behind four behaviors:

·       Be Team-oriented

·       Be Ingenious

·       Be Relentless

·       Be Accountable

It’s an environment that tremendously supports collaboration between peers. The goal of the firm is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and that isn’t done by any single individual but instead by putting together the ideas of everyone. The firm is relentless in that individuals go above and beyond to complete the challenges that are presented to them. By being accountable, individuals aren’t asked to take the blame if something goes wrong but it empowers them with the ability to speak their mind and take action. And lastly the firm is ingenious in the way that it promotes creative ideas and provides the resources and tools to implement them. All four behaviors are very apparent at the firm and it has created a really fun and exciting environment to work in.

Employee Resource Groups

The firm also does a great job in providing opportunities to create a great balance outside of work.  There are many employee resource groups that are tailored towards different interests. For example, the AB Volunteers group plans different events to provide employees the opportunity to do community service dealing with various social issues. They advocate the importance of giving back to the community and serving those that are less fortunate. Other groups include the AB enERGy team that promotes and advocates environmental-friendliness through their events as well as the LGBT club, AB Run Club, and several others. It serves as a tremendous opportunity to network with our fellow employees throughout the company while taking part in a lot of the things that we’re passionate about.

Size of AllianceBernstein

The size of firm is one of the greatest strengths at AllianceBernstein. Larry Cohen, the head of Technology and Operations perfectly defines the firm as, “big enough to do what you would want, but small enough where you know who you’re working with.” At AllianceBernstein, we get to work on really exciting projects alongside brilliant individuals. There are a lot of tremendous minds at this firm who are open to sharing their insight. It serves as a great opportunity to continue to learn and grow.


The mission is really simple at AllianceBernstein: to serve our clients. Regardless of where individuals are in the firm or what their specific role is; their ultimate goal is to help the end client. Everyone is supportive of one another and help achieve that ultimate goal. Managers do a great job in explaining how everything aligns with the strategy of the firm that enables a unity to exist throughout the firm. AllianceBernstein is a great place to not only start off a career but where one can continue to grow and develop. The firm is focused on keeping its talent and nurturing them to take on leadership opportunities. The rotational program is the beginning of that development process.

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