Self discovery to advance your career

According to Gallup, 7 out of 10 workers say they are not engaged or are actively disengaged in their careers.  How can you increase your satisfaction in your current role and plan ahead for growth opportunities?  By taking advantage of your strengths and minimizing your stressors!

Understand what energizes you

Think about your day-to-day tasks.  Which ones put a smile on your face, and which ones automatically make you feel tired and dread the rest of your day?  A quick exercise is to print out your weekly calendar, and put a star next to the activities or meetings you enjoyed, and an X next to the ones you didn’t.  At the end of the week, you can review what parts of the job are fantastic, and which ones are more tedious.  Use this to schedule the following week, making sure to give more time to the things you enjoy and are good at.  While very few jobs cater to your strengths 100% of the time, you can influence the balance by talking to your boss about your responsibilities and highlighting your strengths.

Be spontaneous

Random requests for help and assistance often float by your desk, and it is easy to not respond because you are busy.  However, if you want to discover other areas where you can apply your strengths, volunteer!  Engaging with colleagues that you don’t normally work with can re-energize your spirit for the work that you do.  Plus, if these side projects are successful, you can add those skills to your resume, or pitch that experience to your boss as a reason to alter your role.

Be organized

What do you want longer term from your career?  What is the next role you want to be in, and what skills or experiences do you need to get that opportunity?  Create a plan to learn the skills you need for the next job.  Talk to your manager about growth opportunities.  Network with alumni and other industry experts to learn how to make the transition.  While you want to be engaged in your work immediately, it might take some time to plan out the right move to achieve your goals.

Self assessment

The Wasserman Center has assessments that can help you learn about your best self and what stresses you face at all stages of your career.  We can also help you create a plan to advance your career and gain new opportunities.  To learn more, sign up for a career counseling appointment through NYU CareerNet.

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