Make The Most of Your Study Away Experience

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”—The Beatles

A Semester Abroad in London!

By Jillian Shainman/Steinhardt, Class of 2014

Last January, I was planning the logistics of packing six pairs of shoes, two winter coats, and one dachshund into two suitcases. Last January, I had never been out of the U.S. Last January, I was watching SNL with my dad when I suddenly brought up that “I’m really nervous to go to London.” Because last January, London’s merits in my mind were that I could speak English, I could combine my love for the Beatles and the Spice Girls in one city, and that I could begin my search for the perfect combination of David Beckham, Prince Harry, and Hugh Grant to be my British husband. While these benefits all proved true (except the husband part), London turned out to be so much more than that.

It is a city that is filled with incredible history and traditions reaching back hundreds and hundreds of years; renowned for its business ventures, music industry, and cutting-edge fashion; and admired for its composed, polite, and still fun-loving citizens. For me, London was the best of both worlds. It is similar enough to New York that I did not completely feel like an outsider, even when I was still new to the city. However, it is different enough that I felt immersed in new culture, customs, and practices that I have definitely been missing since my return to the U.S. (why don’t Americans break for tea time?!)

My four months abroad were the most incredible of my life–I met amazing people, traveled to 5 countries without losing my passport, and as cliche as it sounds, grew so much more than I ever thought I could.  I hope this blog post inspires people to take advantage of NYU’s amazing study abroad program. London was the best, most welcoming home away from home I could have hoped for. I hope all of us at NYU left a positive impact on the city just like the city left a positive impact on us. Because after all, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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