Networking Tips from International NYU Alumni

Panelist information:

Glenn Meyer, May 2013, POSSIBLE, Marketing Data Scientist

Dounia Kchiere, May 2013, UNICEF, Global Social Media Consultant

On Tuesday, October 8, the NYU Wasserman Center@SCPS hosted a strategy session for over 40 international students called “What is Networking? And How Do I Do It?” Co-sponsored by the SCPS Integrated Marketing Association.

In case you missed it, here are the top 8 tips shared by panelists Dounia Kchiere and Glenn Meyer, former international students and 2013 SCPS alumni who are now happily employed in NYC.

1.     Get out of your comfort zone: Challenge yourself to attend networking and social events on your own. Set a goal of meeting two new people at each event…and follow up with them. Don’t just stand in the corner with your friends and people you already know, this is not networking J

2.     Ask for information, not a job: The purpose of networking is to build relationships and to raise awareness of “your personal brand”. It is a way that students can uncover information about industries, potential opportunities, job searching strategies, and organizations. Never ask someone “what jobs are currently available at your organization”. Instead ask for information, advice, and insight.

3.     Address cultural differences: Networking is challenging for all students, but often international students come from cultures were networking may not be as common. Take the time to understand U.S. business culture and why networking is so essential to landing an opportunity in the U.S. Ask Wasserman Center Career Counselors, professors, and American students for advice on how to network and what is and is not culturally acceptable.

4.     Leverage social media to connect with industry professionals: Follow industry leaders on Twitter and LinkedIn and comment on their posts. This is a great way to connect with high-level professionals that you might not be able to meet for face-to-face meetings.

5.     Follow-Up, Follow-Up, Follow-Up: After meeting someone once, continue to build the relationship. Share updates about yourself (example: academic accomplishments and internships) or offer interesting information relevant to the industry. This will keep you top of mind with your professional contacts.

6.     Use the NYU Mentor Network: Leverage this Wasserman Center resource to connect with industry professionals for informational conversations. Interested in learning how to access the NYU Mentor Network? Stop by the Wasserman Center@SCPS for walk-in hours at 7 East 12th Street, Suite 829 (Monday/Thursday 4-5pm & Tuesday/Friday 12-1:30pm).

7.     Take risks: Start a relevant blog to help brand yourself as an industry expert! Send a LinkedIn message or Tweet to an industry professional that has your dream job! Approach panelists and event speakers after a presentation to introduce yourself! You will be amazed how these actions will help you to reach your goals.

8.     Don’t get discouraged: Building your network in the U.S. takes time and a lot of energy. Not everyone that you reach out to will necessarily respond to you. Don’t take it personally, move on to the next person and you will find that more often than not, people are more than willing to speak to students.

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