Develop A Personal Website To Land A Dream Job

Are you preparing for an interview at a marketing firm, talent agency, communications bureau, or advertising agency? Are you curious about how to prepare yourself for the “creative professions”?

Apart from attending Acing the Interview for Creative Professionals on Thursday, November 7, at 12:30pm at The Wasserman Center (Presentation Room A), check out our guest blog post from’s Ariele Krantzow on how to supplement that dazzling interview with a stunning web presence!

So, you want to land the perfect job or internship, but there are 100s of people applying for the same positions. Ask yourself: How can I stand out from the masses? A website of course! Wait, you don’t know how to code? No worries, here are some tips to building a killer personal website, no code needed.

1. Write a personal statement. How are you different from the 1000s of other recent grads out there? What do you really want to do? Maybe even make it into a video!

2. Use a professional photo. No, not that photo of you from last week’s party. Have good light, make sure your hair is neat, wear a nice top, look at the camera, and snap.

3. Go to and create a FREE account. Choose one of the 100% customizable, no-code-necessary templates, and GO!

4. Connect your professional social media channels to your site using the many integration tools available.

5. Showcase your resume on the site using the Instant Resume app. Don’t forget to add a downloadable version of it as well.

Happy Happy Building!*

*If you ever need help with your online presence you can always head over to the NY Wix office ( and sign up for a free in-person support session.

About Ariele:

Ariele Krantzow is the Training and Support Manager for With a graphic design background, she teaches a series of classes to local small business owners, creative, and university students ranging from how to build a Wix website to marketing your business online. If you can’t find Ariele at the NY Wix Lounge, make sure to check out the other Wix offices around the world!

Attend Acing the Interview for Creative Professionals on Thursday, November 7, at 12:30pm at The Wasserman Center (Presentation Room A)! Get industry-specific insight on the different components to interviewing for creative positions.

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