Strengthen Your Networking Skills On and Offline

Are you comfortable approaching strangers at a networking event? Do you know how to ask for an introduction to a hiring manager on LinkedIn? Are you fully utilizing your network of personal and professional contacts?

Family, friends and past co-workers are all potential opportunities to get access, learn insights and get a step ahead of the competition. Whether you’re working the room at a networking event or staying in touch with professional colleagues, it is more important than ever for job seekers and professionals that are currently employed to develop a strong set of networking skills. According to a recent survey, referrals account for more than 25% of external hires. It’s not just about utilizing contacts outside of your organization, either. The same survey mentions, internal transfers and promotions accounted for an average of 50% of all full time hires.

Our team of finance recruiters at Wall Street Services (LINK: TITLE: NYC Finance Recruiters) often work with job seekers and financial professionals who are lost when it comes to networking and building a robust circle of engaged business contacts. “It’s not just about getting the job and acing the interview. Professionals need to constantly look for opportunities to network and grow their network to take advantage of opportunities in the future,” commented Suzanne Havranek, Senior Recruiter and Fulfillment Manager at Wall Street Services.

In an effort to help our consultants achieve their career goals, our team has developed a series of Job Seeker Workshops (LINK: TITLE: Career Education for Job Seekers) that focus on core job search and career education topics including Resume Reviews, Interview Preparation Strategies, Tips for Success on the Job, and Networking skills both on and offline. In our Job Seeker Workshop: Networking Skills module, we share important tips on how to regularly engage with your network online and seek out referral opportunities.

We are excited to host a Job Seeker Workshop on Networking on December 2nd with the NYU Wasserman Career Center. Attendees will learn key strategies how to grow their network both on and offline to develop skills for their career that will last a lifetime.

Please join us and learn invaluable methods for building and maintaining your professional network. Remember, the contacts you make today could serve you in the future.

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