What will you learn at Business Boot Camp? GSAS student Heng Lyu will tell ya!

Boot camps are full day conferences designed to explore the realities of working in various industries. Highlights include a keynote speakeenr and seminars facilitated by industry leaders. Created in partnership with Morgan Stanley, these intensive career conferences are designed to familiarize students with a variety of industries and to help ease the transition from the classroom to the workplace. Here’s a profile of a student that has participated in the Boot Camp series before, and is looking forward to the upcoming Business Boot Camp.

Name: Heng Lyu
School: GSAS
Major: Computer Science
Professional Goals: Developer (short term), CEO (long term)

Please share something you learned at Internship Boot Camp: 

I learned different job search strategies, networking strategies, and the importance of sharing career goals with others.

Why are you excited to attend Business Boot Camp?: 

I am looking forward to strengthening my knowledge of different business areas, including technology. I would also like to learn about common sense practices in business, entrepreneurship, understanding corporate culture, understanding economic trends, getting an insider’s perspective of the business world, networking with professionals in the field, and improving my knowledge of business terminology. At Boot Camp I hope to make friends with similar career interests.

Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students

Deadline to apply: Mon, Nov 18th

Event Date: Thursday, Jan 23 and Friday, Jan 24, 2014

Get an inside look at the corporate world at this two-day conference for liberal arts and science students. The goal is to provide students with knowledge of industry terminology, an understanding of transferable liberal arts skills, and a basic overview of sectors within the business world including financial services, marketing and digital media, advertising, consulting, and entrepreneurship.  Apply here!



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