6 Things We Look for When Recruiting Talent (Including Interns)

People often ask us what we look for in the candidates we hire, so we thought a post on this topic would be helpful. We hope it will give you a good sense of not only our hiring criteria, but also of what firms generally look for when making hiring decisions. And we added general recruiting tips throughout.

Please note: Marketing Evolution is recruiting spring interns, summer interns, and full-time hires. The spring internship will run from 2/24/14 – 5/9/14, and the application deadline is 1/24/14. To apply: 1) Fill out this form, 2) Email me your resume (jeff.kauflin@marketingevolution.com), and 3) Mention that you read this blog post.

Here are 6 criteria we look for in the talent we hire:

1.     Interest in our company

The best candidates have clear reasons why they want to work at Marketing Evolution. They have a long-term interest in our industry. They love data. Since our primary goal for internships is to find candidates who are a great fit for permanent positions, we recruit people who show a genuine mutual interest in us.

Summary tip: Have a clear story for why you want to work at the firm you’re interviewing for.

2.     Problem-solving skills

We’re a lean, nimble, and innovative firm. We’re revolutionizing the way marketers manage their advertising ROI, and that means we’re often forging a new path, which isn’t easy. We need people who show strong initiative and can devise creative solutions. Analytical skills are key. That’s why we use a consulting case in our interview process. We look for team members who have the drive to lead a project from ideation to completion. Not that we expect anyone to do this on day one, or even in the first couple of months. But our teams are filled with people who are self-starters, relentlessly resourceful, and who believe nothing is impossible.

Summary tips: Prepare for interviews by having past examples of how you solved difficult problems. If you have to do a consulting case, practice with a friend or your career services center.

3.     Down-to-earth

We pride ourselves on having an extremely friendly team, and we love to have fun in the office. One of our favorite traditions is our Halloween contest, in which each office competes against each other. What started as a costume contest years ago has escalated into a cinematic video competition. I highly recommend watching the winning video from 2013, created by the New York office. It will give you a great view into our culture and a good laugh. (Here’s an insider tip: I’m the guy doing the robot.)

Since our work requires constant collaboration across team members and departments, we only hire people who we think are kind, grounded, and genuine. We’re proud to say that in our recent employee satisfaction survey, the number-one reason why people love working at Marketing Evolution was the quality of our people—specifically, their intelligence and personalities.

Summary tip: Be yourself in interviews and let your true personality show. Be honest.

4.     Conscientiousness

Being dedicated to your work is a pre-requisite for being a part of our team. We recruit people who are highly motivated to do their job well and have intense attention to detail. They never give up. If someone isn’t giving them the information they need for a project, they follow up tirelessly, or they find a different way to get it. And they respond to every work email within 24 hours.

Summary tip: When communicating with employers, take advantage of the opportunity to show how conscientious you are by keeping emails professional, responding promptly, etc. 

5.     Commitment to Continuous Improvement

There’s a good reason why the word Evolution is in our company name. We’re committed to perpetually improving our products and finding better ways to serve our clients in an ever-changing media landscape. This means that new projects can arise and priorities can change quickly, and we need agile people who can easily roll with the punches. The ideal candidates also challenge convention and are eager to suggest ways in which we can improve our products and processes. When they see an opportunity for improvement, they volunteer to build a new process or system that fixes the problem and raises efficiency for the entire firm.

Summary tip: Being dedicated to your own self-improvement is a great way to show a company that your values align with theirs.

6.     Communication Skills

All of our projects are collaborative, team-based, and require frequent communication, often over the phone. We look for candidates with strong communications skills, people who can explain complex concepts in concise, simple terms. We also love people whose positive attitude and enthusiasm shine through their communication.

Summary tip: Preparing thoroughly for interviews and practicing your answers out loud will allow you to be more polished in your communication.

Closing Thoughts

As you go through the recruiting process, don’t hesitate to ask firms difficult questions to truly understand their business. In making the decision to join any company, it’s critical to be honest with yourself about whether it truly offers what you’re looking for, and whether you’re a good fit for what the firm seeks.

Jeff Kauflin is Director of Talent Management at Marketing Evolution.

Company background: Marketing Evolution is a place where innovative marketing minds, advanced data science, and visionary technology meet. We offer software and strategic consulting services to help marketers plan, measure, and continuously improve their performance and unlock their Return on Investment (ROI).

The Internship deadline with Marketing Evolution is January 24th. Please apply by following the above outlined instructions or through Career Net, Job ID: 906495.

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