Employer Perspectives: Nan Fisher Entertainment

A chat with Taylor A. Hopkins, NYU: Tisch School of the Arts Class of 2013, BFA Dramatic Writing about his experiences at Nan Fisher Entertainment

How would you describe the role of a Production Intern?

The job description of a Production Intern depends a lot on where and for whom you are working. If you are interning for a large production company, studio, or producer, your job will probably consist of a lot of “grunt” work, i.e. filing, getting coffee, answering phones, and doing pretty much anything that the producer and your other superiors may need. It is rare that you would get a chance to do any work directly on projects or initiatives, although you would be in the environment and get to see the inner workings of a large production.

What are some responsibilities of an intern at Nan Fisher Entertainment?

Myself and the other interns have had the chance to work hands-on on multiple projects. We’ve been involved in every step of the development, pre-production, and production process, from helping conceptualize ideas, to contacting investors, to creating marketing plans and social media campaigns. We do anything and everything needed in order to get a production on its feet, which is why I have learned so much being here.

What is it like working at Nan Fisher Entertainment?

It’s been such an incredible experience! The work environment is open and comfortable, where everyone has a voice and gets a chance to give their input and express their opinions. We work as a team, where everyone’s voice is taken into consideration and everyone’s strengths are valued. If someone doesn’t know a whole lot coming into the job, everyone is ready to help and bring him or her up to speed. It’s a learning experience for everyone, and we’re constantly getting better at what we’re doing.

What are you working on now at Nan Fisher Entertainment?

The America’s Amazing Teens™ Project is an online competition that will identify, honor and mentor exceptional teens whose discoveries will change the world– think “Shark Tank” meets “American Idol” for the best and brightest teens in America.
 We are one of the first online competitions that will provide a platform for young scientists, researchers, web developers, inventors, and entrepreneurs to help share their ideas with the world. We are also in the beginning stages of a few other projects, which will all be picking up in 2014.

We are always looking for new interns and fresh ideas! If you’re interested in joining our team at Nan Fisher Entertainment, check out our job postings in NYU Wasserman’s CareerNet by searching for:

Reality Production Intern Job ID: 913408

Social Media Manager Job ID: 913275

Internship for Entrepreneurs Job ID: 896787

Internship for Graphic Designers Job ID: 896790

Copywriting Intern Job ID: 911690

Finance Business Internship Job ID: 911683

IT Intern Job ID: 911694

Marketing Advertising Intern Job ID: 911687

Website Developer Intern Job ID: 911693

or e-mail a Resume and Cover Letter to nan@nanfisherentertainment.com.

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