Engineering & Technology Career Fair Tips from Alliant Technologies, LLC

Jay Brennan, Vice President Human Resources at Alliant Technologies, LLC offers forth some tips and advice in preparation for Thursday’s Engineering & Technology Career Fair at NYU-Poly. Don’t forget to stop by! The event runs from 11:00am-3:00pm.

The NYU Spring Engineering & Technology Career Fair is a great way for you to make initial contacts with prospective employers. You can use this opportunity to meet people who work for the company and ask questions.  It is important to make a great first impression and, hopefully, open the door to further interviews.  While this is always important, it is even more important at a career fair, because you only get a few minutes with the prospective employer to impress them.

First and foremost, a career fair is a professional recruiting event.  Dress appropriately.  While a business suit is not necessary, your outfit should still be clean, pressed and neat.  Looking like you’ve just hit the gym or rolled out of bed will not help.

Next, your resume is your calling card.  It should be neat with no typos, and accurately represent your skills and experience.  We look for resumes that list actual accomplishments, so when listing jobs, internships and projects, make sure you highlighted what your role was and how your contributions helped make your task or project successful.

It is also important to know something about the employers you want to meet. Your career office normally provides you with a booklet or website that lists all the employers attending.  Do your homework and learn something about the company.  Check out their website.  If we’ve been to your school before, we may have hired people you know.  Ask around among your friends and peers.

Prepare some questions you want to ask prospective employers.  We are always looking for thoughtful, intelligent people who come prepared, and asking thoughtful, intelligent, well-prepared questions is a great way to demonstrate this.

Lastly, make sure you have a good time at the career fair.  We want to hire people who are pleasant and fun to work with, so smile and look people in the eye. Relax and be yourself.

Please stop by the Alliant Technologies table and say hello.

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