Organizing For Action

Purti Pareek, NYU sophomore, talks about her experience as a Fellow at Organizing for Action.

Because of my time as a Fall Fellow at Organizing for Action (OFA), I honed my knowledge of different public policies such as the Affordable Care Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the roadblocks that exist between these policies and getting them passed. I gained important skill sets, which are necessary in order for me to become an effective grassroots organizer. I am forever grateful for OFA because of the different people I met: all of different ages and from different backgrounds. It was refreshing to be working with people that had an interest in the same things as I did but could provide a different perspective on them. OFA provided me with an invaluable experience because it opened doors through which I could further explore my professional interests and support my personal interests. So if you are interested in things like organizing, public policy, and anything in between, definitely apply to be a Spring Fellow and you will not regret it!

Spring Fellowship Opportunity with Organizing for Action

Organizing for Action is a nonprofit grassroots organization established to advance the agenda Americans voted for in 2012.  We are dedicated to empowering individuals to make their voices heard in the fight for progress on our nation’s most pressing issues: comprehensive immigration reform, health reform, gun violence prevention, climate change, marriage equality, equal rights, and building a stronger middle class. Fellows can expect to learn best practices in the areas of community organizing, media relations, and grassroots fundraising. Apply by emailing Spring Trainer, Nina Iventosch at or call 917-580-2377.

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