Under Armour: Part-time Positions Can Lead to a Career

-By: Taylor Bechtel (center, top row-black shirt) – Selling Specialist at UA Brand House in Harbor East, Baltimore

I remember the first time I walked into the Under Armour Brand House in Harbor East, Baltimore. At the time, it was just a hollow shell waiting to be filled with the latest and greatest Under Armour product. I remember standing there, anxious like you would be before taking the field for a big game. But really, that’s the best way to look at the Brand House. To me, it’s much more than just a retail store; it’s my playing field, my arena. Each and every day that I come into work, I try to keep that game-day mentality – I can relate as a student athlete. I have learned to view my fellow associates as my Teammates. This sort of mentality has taught me the valuable lesson of accountability and teamwork. Working at the Brand House has given me the opportunity to build upon my skills and has really allowed me to develop and grow.  The way I see it, the game has just begun for me and my career. As ambitious as my goals may be, I know that I need to put time and effort into practice and preparation. But working at the UA Brand House has truly allowed me to practice and hone my skills. It has taught me a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, and has allowed me to prepare myself for the next level. It has taught me the importance of working as a team, and that you must always keep a goal in sight. Just as UA’s Founder and CEO Kevin Plank would say, “you have to stay humble and hungry”. Working here has taught me I should never settle or let myself become complacent; improvements can always be made. Here at Under Armour, we pride ourselves on passion and continuous innovation. I’ve also learned to constantly strive towards improving myself and those around me.  Now, I’m interviewing for an In-Store Visual Merchandising opportunity within arguably one of the greatest Retail hubs in the country, NYC (Soho) and an opportunity to grow my Retail career with one of the hottest Brands on the planet – Under Armour!  It all started by accepting a part-time opportunity within the first-ever UA Brand House while putting myself through college.

Sound like a place you would like to work or intern? In case you missed Under Armour at the Career Fair, they’ll be back on campus at the Palladium Center in front of the gym this Friday, February 21st from 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Come by and see them about their exciting job opportunities

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