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Summer Spotlight Series with NYU Steinhardt

Did you miss Steinhardt student Rose’s day as an analyst at a market intelligence consulting firm in Shanghai? If so, click on the logo below for a recap.

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Summer Spotlight Series with Flashtalking

Did you miss Nick’s day as a Campaign Management Intern with @Flashtalking? If so, click on the logo below for a recap.

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Being Part of the PepsiCo Family

Carmiel Dizon is an NYU Stern Management and Marketing student graduating in 2015. This summer, she’s here to share some of her thoughts about interning with PepsiCo.

Stepping onto the PepsiCo shuttle to White Plains, I feel the intensity of each heartbeat as adrenaline punches through my veins. With each reverberating ‘click’ of my shoes, all I focus on are those revolving doors, the gates toward something unknown. Dozens of people dressed in suits and casual jeans groggily shuffle to the revolving doors after a long commute. While waiting my turn to pass the shiny glass gates, my mind explodes into a symphony consisting of fears and dread- only to be followed by the mellowing clam of those doors. As the individual in front of me passes through, I clench myself in anticipation and pass on through. The first of many trials passes ushering a wave of relief and excitement until twenty curious pairs of eyes dart toward me. Nervousness grips me once more. Like any first day, the waltz of nervousness clashes with the rumba of excitement. Yet despite the conflict of emotions raging within my heart, the soothing wave of belonging sets in. Calamity dissipates as the fears subside. The image ingrained into my mind elicits an emotional comfort of something like home- a place of belonging.

After the steady routine of sipping coffee and walking through the lobby adorned with familiar logos depicting Pepsi and Tropicana, I feel less like an outsider. Four weeks later, I come to appreciate the challenges associated with marketing. Each task not only allows me to reinforce and expand my knowledge, but also allows for continuous improvement. Though my experience has been brief, my own conception of marketing practices amplifies given a unique set of opportunities. A few weeks ago I attended Dew Tour, an action sports event powered by Mountain Dew, where I witnessed the myriad of theories being implemented and redefined in practice. A soda became more than just a beverage. It brings people together through emphasizing a unique lifestyle that connects with an audience on a deeper, and more emotional level.

My experience at PepsiCo must be understood as a shift in my understanding of community. The comradery shared by employees quickly permeated into the intern sphere of culture. Not even two weeks into my internship, I felt fully immersed as a full-time member of my team. During agency calls, my manager always asks for my opinion. He values any creative input I am able to muster, which results in greater confidence of my own abilities. Feeling important and valued by management is imperative to my success. For instance, while waiting for the 4 train, I can approach a colleague and immediately feel welcomed. As the conversation delves into an exchange between weekend plans after exchanging pleasantries, I can only imagine who I was at the beginning. That fear and nervous anticipation has been replaced by the familiarity of a community- a community I am a part of. At PepsiCo, I’m treated more than an intern. I’m treated like a member of the Pepsi family. For that, I am truly grateful and definitely ready for what is yet to come. First days are always intimidating, but are nothing more than the first gate into tomorrow. A tomorrow of growth nurtured through hardship and supported by those with a single goal in mind… success.

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Meet the Global Peers: Prague

Before I start being formal and all, here is some general information about me. My name is Emily Sujka.  But, if you ever meet me face-to-face on campus, you might hear people greet me by another name: Maggie.  I have just completed a semester of studying away in Prague, Czech Republic.  My experience there definitely helped in elucidating many parts of life lurking in the shadows.  I won’t say it has been life altering, after all, going abroad hasn’t changed the course of my life.  But, all the small experiences in Prague, living in a completely different culture, with a different language, diet, set of social standards, have certainly further molded me. Recently, I spoke with NYU’s Wasserman Center about my experiences.

What is your major/class/school?

Currently, (and I say currently because it’s always changing) I am an Economics major in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and a part of the Class of 2016.

Why did you want to study away at your particular site?

In actuality, I had no intention of going abroad.  Back in high school, I went to Spain for a month during the summer.  It was dreadful.  I longed for America the whole time.  But, my ideas about going to study in another country shifted with my freshman year RA who had gone abroad with NYU twice and whole-heartedly endorsed the opportunity for any student.  That’s when my research began…

I wanted to study away in the Czech Republic for several reasons.  And no, it wasn’t because it was cheaper or because of its convenient Central European location.  My reasons had to do with the culture.  I love Slavic Cultures, specifically that of Poland.  So, the Czech Republic isn’t Poland…but it was just a step towards a bigger goal.  My motto in life is to keep moving by any means to get to where you want to be. For a semester to be surrounded by food, language, and symbols, associated with Slavic life was just such an elating idea and I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by.

What classes did you take?

In Prague, I completed Building a State: Czech and Slovak Republics, Modern Dissent, Elementary Polish II, and Architecture.

What was the most meaningful/impactful experience you had abroad?

The most meaningful/impactful experience…well geez, that’s a lot of pressure. I’ve met famous Czech politicians, volunteered a weekend at Benediktus, a volunteer community in a more rural part of the Czech Republic, hiked up Sniezka, the most prominent point of the Silesian Ridge in the Krkonoše mountains, walked along the paths of priests as St. Vitus Cathedral, and even eaten Falafel in St. Wenceslas Square where the Velvet Revolution took place- where the Czechoslovak youth expelled the Communists from their lands, denouncing fear once and for all.  And that’s only the Czech Republic.  I also traveled to 6 other separate European countries during my time here strolling down the Chain Bridge in Budapest, riding bikes in Amsterdam, following the Mural of Princes in Dresden, munching on macaroons in Paris, meeting famous actress and politician Mrs. Vasaryova in Bratislava, and visiting Sukiennice, for my second time, in Krakow.  Being in Europe, seeing as much as I can, taking it all in, has just been a real pleasure.  Borders between countries are just man’s invention.  Yes, some are reasonable, political borders drawn along rivers and mountains, but others are just imaginary lines.  However, you see what you perceive as commonalities.  “We do that too.”  “That is NOT a pancake.”  Humanity ties us together no matter where you are.  People help, speak, wonder, and eat no matter where you are.  It’s humbling to see the world in its grandiosity and still feel connected to the world.

What have you learned from your experience that will impact your career endeavors?

I managed three internships this semester.  I know, sounds crazy, but there were too many things presented to take advantage of that I just couldn’t pass up.  Closely working with Wasserman, I learned how to organize an event for any occasion, including how to advertise an event and make material accessible for students.  Seriously, I learned that cookies work wonders on attendance.  In general, I acquired skills in working with people I never thought I’d have.

Furthermore, I also assisted in English teaching in a local elementary school. This was building on previous experience I already had, nonetheless it still allowed me to further understand people.  In childhood lies the rawest state of our being.  Children can teach us more than any seminar and so, even though I don’t wish to pursue education or another career path having to do with kids, I have greatly valued this experience that has allowed me to do something outside of my comfort zone while allowing me to cement this sentiment.

Another good bit of advice: Even though it’s optimal to figure out what you want, crossing stuff off this list isn’t such a bad thing either.  I also helped create a survey for the Bohemia Jazz Festival, a free music festival held in the Czech Republic annually.  Something that sounds so big not only took time in its creation, but it also took many edits and rewrites, tracking down the right people and being persistent.  Sometimes it is not only the skills and new techniques we obtain from an internship or job experience, but also small achievements along the way.

The Job Search for Seasoned Professionals

Date/Time: Thursday, July 10th, 2014 | 6-7:30 PM

Location: Wasserman Center for Career Development, Presentation Room B

Thinking about changing jobs?  Getting back into the labor market and don’t know where to start? If you feel like you have great skills at your job, but not at job search, then we have the workshop for you. Join Steven Greenberg, CBS radio anchor of “Your Next Job” and expert on job search, who will discuss a new approach to getting hired in today’s competitive market.    The talk will focus on experienced jobseekers, who often face additional obstacles.   Steven will discuss how to combat the hidden bias against older candidates and offer concrete tools and strategies for enhancing your job search. There are new rules for success in today’s labor market, and Steven will help you develop a successful job search strategy.

Speaker Details:

Steven Greenberg is the creator and anchor of the CBS Radio news program “Your Next Job”.  His features air 15 times each week on WCBS 880 in New York, and on other CBS radio news stations. He has written popular articles about job search for and CNN,  and his job board for jobseekers over 40 has been profiled on NPR’s All Things Considered.   He is also the founder of a recruiting firm and a temp agency.   He was general counsel and HR manager for one of the most successful toy manufacturers in the US.  He is an attorney who practiced at two highly prominent law firms in NY – Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft  and Chadbourne Parke. He lives in Westport, CT with his wife and four sons.


For degreed NYU alumni and current students, please register through your NYU CareerNet account (click on the menu tab Events, then Seminars) to reserve a seat. If you do not have an account, please contact our reception desk at: 212.998.4730. Space is limited.

Summer Spotlight Series with FindSpark

Recently, Victoria Cana, MCC ’16, shared a recap of her day working with @FindSpark. Click on the logo below for a recap.

Keep tuning into our blog throughout the next few months for more spotlights on summer jobs and internships.

Secrets to Landing a Job in PR & Communications

By: Ayeesha Kanji, NYU Wasserman Center @ SCPS Graduate Assistant

Recently, Rachel Frint from the NYU Wasserman Center @ SCPS hosted a webinar with Brittany Mullings, HR Associate at Prosek Partners on the Secrets of Landing a Job in PR & Communications.  In case you missed it, here are a few strategies to breaking into this competitive field:

Your Resume & Cover Letter

·      Maximum two pages, preferably one page in PDF format.

·      Pay attention to formatting details (Are all bullet points aligned? Dates aligned at the margin? Consistency in spacing?) Ensure grammar is correct.

·      Nix your objective at the top of your resume and outline your areas of expertise utilizing key words within the field, such as client relations, media relations, pitching and public speaking.

·      Use a personalized cover letter that explains employment gaps, describes why you switched industries and parallels your experience to the job description.

You & Social Media

·      Google yourself to see what positive and negative links work against you and work for you to maintain a clean and professional image. Sign-up at to monitor your Google search results.

·      On LinkedIn use a professional picture, keep your profile up-to-date and follow companies you are interested in.

·      Ensure your public profile represents your professional brand between all social media you follow and subscribe to.

Interview Tips

·      Prepare three to five questions to ask in the interview which are not answered through researching and/or using the company website.

·      The interview is your opportunity to begin a dialogue and talk about what is not on your resume, personalize your responses and be genuine in your tone during the interview.

·      Within 24 hours send a thank-you note in either an email or as a card.

To develop your own career action plan for landing a job in public relations and communications, schedule an appointment with a NYU Wasserman Center Career Coach through NYU CareerNet.

Pernod Richard Challenge Winner

Mayank Trivedi, a Masters student in Integrated Marketing in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, shares his experience with a corporate competition.

JGUR0578 (1).jpg

A few weeks ago, Pernod Ricard, a conglomerate that produces distilled beverages, came to the Wasserman Center with a student challenge. You may be more familiar with some of the brands such as: Becherovka, Chivas Regal, The Glenlivet, Jameson, Ballantine’s, Kahlua, Malibu, etc.

Pernod Ricard’s challenge was called “How to Reduce Drunk Driving” and while they were giving their presentation at the Wasserman Center and telling us the details of the challenge, my brain was already producing ideas.  What could be a better idea than a Mobile app which can provide answers to your questions when you need a ride home after a night out?

Their selection criteria was awesome: the first step was to submit a draft of your idea. They received several ideas from different schools in United States before the top three ideas were selected and able to give a final presentation.

GUESS what? I was selected in the top 3 and I was motivated enough to make my selection a victory. My idea was simple, yet innovative and engaging. I worked for almost a week on my presentation to make it clear, precise and informative. I designed a blueprint of my idea and divided it into different sections in my presentation to give a clear perspective of what features every section of the App possesses.

Finally, the day came and I presented my idea in front of company executives. They appeared to appreciate my idea and I thought things went well. I was then asked to wait for further communication.

A couple of days after, I received an email from the company inviting me to the French American Entrepreneurship Award ceremony where they were going to announce the top two winners. I was so excited, happy and confident about the fact that my ideas were deemed worthwhile.

On the day of the decision, I went to the award ceremony with one of my friends and we enjoyed some lively wines and delicious food. The executives who viewed my presentation came to meet me and shared some praise about my presentation. They also introduced me to some other members of the company and guests. I was feeling proud when people took pictures with me and praised my idea.


Later, the award ceremony started and the VP of Communications was going to announce the top two names of the student challenge. He started “We received some great ideas, but I had high expectations from these two schools and they proved it – the top two winners of 2014 Pernod Ricard Student Challenge are New York University and Columbia University”.  The smile on my face was BIG enough to be seen by everyone. We were then called on stage and were honored with a certificate.

It was a great experience and I’ll advise all my fellow students to keep looking for these kinds of business challenges and competitions. You will get to learn a lot and it will add a great value to your resume.

Wellness and WasserJams: A Playlist

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our wellness series over the past several weeks here on the Wasserman Blog. The end of the semester is always a very chaotic time, so hopefully you’ve put some of our tips on stress reduction and healthy living to good use. And, if you’ve been reading, you’ve seen our staff musical selections at the end of each entry. Below, we’ve compiled them all into a playlist titled WasserJams 2014. Crank it up and hopefully discover some new tunes to add to your rotation.We’ll have a few more wellness-related posts as spring turns to summer, so continue to check back as you enjoy the warm weather.


6 Quick Fit Tips for Overcoming the Stress of Finals (& Getting Your Body Summer-Ready in the Process)

Adriele Parker works at the Wasserman Center with Student Employment. She is also the Center’s resident fitness expert. Here, along with a bit of help from Estela Gonzalez, CAS ’14, she offers forth fitness strategies to get you through Finals. And, after her tips, scroll through for more WasserJams.

Summer is nearly here! Of course, before you can even think about enjoying the warm weather, I’m sure you’re stuck in your Res Hall, Bobst, an IT Lab, or other windowless-study environment, chugging Red Bull and freaking out. Before you go in to full on panic mode, check out these fitness-related tips that are sure to help you relieve some stress, clear your mind, and whip your body into tip-top shape.

Without further ado:

1.) BREATHE. No seriously, it’s that simple. A few deep breaths can help you relieve stress, clear your mind, and strengthen your core (i.e. your abs).  View Time’s “6 Breathing Exercises to Relax in Ten Minutes or Less.”

2.) YOGA. One-up your breathing and incorporate stretching. Check out Huff Post’s “10 Best Yoga Poses for Stress Relief.” Also, check out this current list of free Yoga classes around the city.

3.) WALK. Take a walk around Washington Square Park, around the block, Central Park, etc. Enjoy the warm weather, clear your mind, boost your immune system (from the Vitamin D your body will absorb from the sun), and burn some extra calories. Be smart, wear sunscreen.

4.) CARDIO. Run, power walk, bike, row, dance, etc. Get that heart rate up up up! Working out is a proven stress reliever as it helps increase endorphins (the feel-good chemicals your body releases). Check out NYU Athletics for Coles and Palladium hours. Also, check out the city’s free group fitness classes through ShapeUp NYC.

5.) STRENGTH TRAIN. Guys and girls can benefit from strength training — and ladies, you will NOT bulk up from lifting heavy, I promise. Doing body-weight exercises, resistance band exercises, or lifting weights will help relieve stress and build some pretty impressive muscles. Building muscle not only protects your joints and bones, but it also increases your resting metabolism–which means you’ll continue burning calories even after you’ve completed your workout. Click the links above for NYU Athletics’ facility hours.

6.) EAT. Make sure you’re fueling your body with nutritious, healthy foods. I know it’s tempting and convenient to snack on chips or candy, or live off of cheap, greasy takeout or $1 pizza, but try to limit your intake. The excess sugar, processed ingredients, and unhealthy fats will make you sluggish. If you must eat on the go or consume takeout, opt for healthy options (i.e steamed Chinese take-out or a veggie $1 slice). Fresh fruits, veggies & dip, granola bars, and protein bars make for awesome, cheapie, on-the-go snacks. NYU dining has some great healthy options for meals and snacks. Check out the NYU dining hall hours and go for a swipe (or find a friend that’s trying to get rid of extra swipes or Campus Cash)

So there you have it, six fit tips that will not only help you relieve stress during finals, but that will also begin to help you sculpt your Summer body. Best of luck!

Adriele Parker, Student Employment: “Enjoy Yourself” – Jackson 5…  The lyrics ooze happiness & positivity, plus you can NEVER go wrong with the Jackson 5!

Leah Lattimore, Associate Director: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye feat. Tammi Terrell. You can’t go wrong with Motown.

Dustin Gee, Assistant Director at Wasserman, NYU-Poly: Lately, I’ve found myself commuting to work listening to “Best Day of My Life” by the American Authors. It gets me energized to take on the adventures of a new day and puts me in a proactive mindset.