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Top 3 Tips on LinkedIn for Career Changers

Julbert Abraham, MBA – is the CEO of AGM, a LinkedIn Marketing and Training firm in New Jersey. He is a serial entrepreneur and a social media marketing instructor. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average professional in America now only stays in a role for about four and a half years. Prior to being an Entrepreneur, I had my share of career changes. I was able to learn from each of the phases and I have used social media to facilitate my transitions. One of the main tools that I used during my career changes was LinkedIn. Here are the top 3 tips that will help you as a career changer to maximize LinkedIn for your journey:

Tip #1- Developing a professional LinkedIn profile

With over 347 Million professionals on LinkedIn, you have to create a powerful presence with a complete LinkedIn profile. To achieve that goal, you need the following:

–        A professional headshot and background header

–        Attention grabbing headline that describes the value that you bring to an employer in 120 characters or less

–        A personalized and optimized summary section that makes it easier to find you and speaks directly to potential recruiters and employers about your capabilities and your accomplishments

–        Highlighting your past experiences with bullet points on how you were able to make a difference in your prior positions

–        Three to five recommendations from your peers and/or past clients who had an opportunity to work with you

Tip #2 – Connecting with strategic industry recruiters

Now that you are changing careers, you have to answer the following questions:

–        What exactly are you looking to do?

–        What industry would you like to work in?

–        Where would you like to work?

–        What are the top 5 companies that you would like to work for?

Once you are able to answer these questions, you can now work with alumni and recruiters to help you with your search. You can use the Advanced Search tool on LinkedIn to help you find these key recruiters that you can connect with then reach out to them for a conversation. There are thousands of recruiters out there and it is very important that you find two to three recruiters that can work with you and help you find your next career.

Tip# 3- Participate in LinkedIn Groups

As a career changer, think of this opportunity as your own business where you have to create a personal brand and market yourself effectively. With LinkedIn groups, you are able to join some niche communities. These communities may also be where your next employer goes to learn from industry experts. You can establish a presence in these groups by doing the following:

–        Participating in current discussions

–        Sharing valuable content that may benefit the group as a whole

–        Interacting with some of the key contributors and other members of the groups

Within a few months, you may become the “Go-to Guy or Gal” in the group who is providing value. This strategy will not only allow you to create a personal brand it will also allow you to interact with your potential employers, develop a relationship with them on and off LinkedIn which may lead to an interview and hopefully your new career.

To learn more tips like this from Julbert Abraham, be sure to reserve your spot at the Career Changers Conference on Friday, October 16th 2015 where he will be hosting a session on “Using LinkedIn for your Career Change.

The Job Search for Seasoned Professionals

Date/Time: Thursday, July 10th, 2014 | 6-7:30 PM

Location: Wasserman Center for Career Development, Presentation Room B

Thinking about changing jobs?  Getting back into the labor market and don’t know where to start? If you feel like you have great skills at your job, but not at job search, then we have the workshop for you. Join Steven Greenberg, CBS radio anchor of “Your Next Job” and expert on job search, who will discuss a new approach to getting hired in today’s competitive market.    The talk will focus on experienced jobseekers, who often face additional obstacles.   Steven will discuss how to combat the hidden bias against older candidates and offer concrete tools and strategies for enhancing your job search. There are new rules for success in today’s labor market, and Steven will help you develop a successful job search strategy.

Speaker Details:

Steven Greenberg is the creator and anchor of the CBS Radio news program “Your Next Job”.  His features air 15 times each week on WCBS 880 in New York, and on other CBS radio news stations. He has written popular articles about job search for and CNN,  and his job board for jobseekers over 40 has been profiled on NPR’s All Things Considered.   He is also the founder of a recruiting firm and a temp agency.   He was general counsel and HR manager for one of the most successful toy manufacturers in the US.  He is an attorney who practiced at two highly prominent law firms in NY – Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft  and Chadbourne Parke. He lives in Westport, CT with his wife and four sons.


For degreed NYU alumni and current students, please register through your NYU CareerNet account (click on the menu tab Events, then Seminars) to reserve a seat. If you do not have an account, please contact our reception desk at: 212.998.4730. Space is limited.

How to Make the Most of Your Internship: Hosted by Swiss Post Solutions

On Wednesday, 4/23 at 12:30pm at the Wasserman Center, join Swiss Post Solutions and learn how to stand out at your internship!

Gain insider information about what makes a successful intern, how to expand your professional network, and strategies to turn your internship into a full-time offer.  RSVP Here!


Dr. Paul Ortega has been in the education, training and development industry since 1989.  Dr. Ortega is the National Director of Training & Organizational Development for Swiss Post Solutions North America.  Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is a premier provider of business process outsourcing and digitization solutions.  Dr. Ortega is a member of the Board of Directors for the Workforce Professionals Training Institute (WPTI).

Dr. Ortega is one of the key executives in SPS responsible for the hiring, in-depth development and mentoring of its employees. He has instituted high standards for the SPS organization providing a curriculum with more than 800 hours of voluntary professional development programs (compared to the industry standard of 200 hours). He further developed an intensive Leadership Academy Program which immerses interns looking to find career opportunities with SPS in classes designed to fortify their skills and professional behaviors.

In recent years, Dr. Ortega served as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, executive coach, leadership educator at professional conferences and educational institution throughout North America. Holding a degree in education from the University of California Los Angles, Dr. Ortega earned his MBA and PhD from the Anderson School of Management.

Networking On and Offline

Samantha Knoerzer, a Publishing graduate student in SCPS, offers insight into the recent Networking On and Offline event. She is currently a eBook production intern at Berghahn Books, an international, academic book publishing house that resides in Dumbo, Brooklyn and works as a social media coordinator for BiblioCrunch, a source for indie publishers which helps connect self-published authors and publishers with book publishing professionals to get new books and apps to the market.


Networking is an important part of furthering your career while attending and after NYU.  Whether you are looking to begin your career, expand it, or even if you want to switch careers completely, panelist speakers highlighted that it is important to network and get to know people in your field in order to expand your opportunities. The panelists stressed that networking is not about calling everyone in search of a job. Rather it is about building relationships, staying in touch with your current network, sharing information, asking for assistance, and most importantly, being authentic.

The four most important tips from the panel were:

  1. The three main steps of networking:

    1. Setting a career vision: Understand why you should network. Networking is important, as everyone already knows. It is important to understand two things when networking: What is my career vision? And, what do I want my next steps to be? By understanding these two things, you can begin to map out a potential career path via networking.

    2. Analyze yourself: Understand what you should network. Many people get stuck at this section, knowing that they want to network, but not knowing how to do so. In order to begin this path to networking, you need to ask yourself: What knowledge/skills/info do I have now? And, what knowledge/skills/info do I NEED in order to begin my networking path? Once you understand this, you can begin to network for your career.

    3. Set networking goals: Create networking goals to complete your career goals. Some sample networking goals are: What is the next step I should take in my career? How can I make a career change into publishing? What qualities is a specific company looking for? What are the trends that are happening in my field? Why am I not getting hired? In order to answer some of these questions, start by making a networking inventory of all the people you already know.

  2. Finding networking contacts online: How do you find contacts to strangers in your field online? The answer: Always look for online networking opportunities. Plenty of places hold networking events advertised through social media. Some other networking actions can even be done directly through online. TaskRabbit, Findspark, Glassdoor, as well as many other sites allow people to go online and complete tasks and take part in online networking webinars in order to network directly from home. Taking part in social media, and following important people in the industry online is the other great way to network online. However, before you do anything, you should make sure to have your own social media up to date.

    1. Twitter networking tips: For Twitter make sure to complete your entire profile. Post a good icon image consisting of a headshot with a single colored background. Once that is done, make sure to follow important people and companies in your industry that have a huge pull in the networking world, and while you do this, share valuable content to be noticed. Finally, always make sure to ask questions on your Tweets to get people engaged with your page and make sure that you, yourself stay engaged with others in the social networking circles that surround you.

    2. Linked In Networking tips: For LinkedIn, make sure to use a profile summary, and once again use a professional photo with similar description as the requirement for your Twitter account. Make sure to always grow your network and join groups that can be of networking value to you. Look on sites such as to stay connected with your past networking circles, always pay attention to recommendations, and upload projects and portfolios whenever completed. And once again, most importantly, STAY ENGAGED!

    3. Sending emails for requesting informational conversation: Sometimes, the best way to network and really get to know more about a company is to set up an informational interview. From these you can learn valuable information about a company, and really connect with a circle that if you desire to work within, you should understand and connect to. When sending an informational interview/conversation email request make sure to keep it short and simple, sticking to the three main points: Who are you? Why are you writing to them? How much time is this going to take? Making sure to keep your email short and concise will give you the best way to become an interest of connection to the person you are emailing.

  3. Finding networking contacts offline: Offline is just as important, if not more important, than online networking. Going to events can be the best ways to make in person connections. Making in person connections gets people to know you by not only name, but face, which can help you in the long run when you show up to an office for an interview and see people you know. Like what was said in the panel, “Every time you step outside, it is an interview.” Stay friendly and get to know the people around you, even the people next to you in class, to ensure a great networking circle in every aspect of your life.

  4. How to build a relationship via networking: The steps to building a relationship are crucial. First, make sure to send a personalized message introducing yourself. After the meeting, make sure to send a thank you email consisting of follow up thoughts and questions that you still may have. After one month, consider reaching out to send a virtual hand, if needed. Four to six months past that, plan to meet up for coffee, or setup a phone chat. Nine to twelve months after your original introduction, consider an email or phone call consisting of personal and professional updates in order to stay in touch. After this, always send some reconnect emails and attempt to repeat the same cycle in order to keep your networking connection strong.

Next steps: What can you do right now? Make networking manageable; do it a little bit at a time and challenge yourself. Right now start establishing your networking skills by meeting 2 new contacts each week, schedule one informational interview a month, and attempt to reconnect with one person you’ve lost touch with each week. Reach out to existing contacts, takes notes for personal touch, select a tracking mechanism and schedule check-in points. You can even consider scheduling an appointment with a career coach to review your networking plan and help with your correspondence. This is available right now at NYU’s Wasserman Center. All of these opportunities are available to you right now. Why not take advantage of them?

Dinner Interviews: How to Prepare + Our Dining for Success Spring Events

Employers are more frequently holding interviews over a meal or coffee, and the added factor of food and drink can make your interview day seem more daunting. However, if you take the time to prepare, you’ll find that the interview can be tackled – maybe even enjoyed! The best way to practice is by attending Dining For Success. This will give you real experience dining with employers while keeping up a conversation and keeping track of all those forks. Before any dining interview, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re comfortable and prepared when you take your table.

1. Review the Menu

In the age of Yelp, we know that you never pick up coffee without studying the shop’s reviews and tips, and this should be no different. Especially if you have special dietary restrictions, taking time to review the menu a day or two in advance will allow you to spend more time face to face with the employer during the interview. If you have very specific dietary needs, call the restaurant ahead of time to ask questions about the dishes you are considering. You always want to be sure to choose a mid-priced entrée, and be prepared with an appetizer or dessert choice you’d enjoy if the employer decides to order these courses. This is also a chance to see the atmosphere of the restaurant and decide whether or not you also need to spend time studying the navigation of formal place settings.

2. Choose your Wardrobe

Interviews over food or drinks often last longer than a traditional interview, so you want to keep this in mind when choosing what to wear. As always, you want to consider the dress code of the company and then dress one step above that. Avoid wearing clothes that will get in the way while you are eating – leave long flowing sleeves in the closet for this one. Choose an outfit that will allow you to sit comfortably and move your arms to eat and to pass items to your tablemates. If you have long hair, style it in a way so that it stays out of your face (and your soup).

3. Read the News

You can expect more small talk at a dining interview than you would during a traditional interview. The employer wants to get to know you and understand if you will fit in with the culture and environment of the company. To be sure you can participate in the conversation, review the company news, industry news, and current events before the interview. You don’t have to be an expert on every topic, but making sure you can contribute a little to the topic on industry trends and to the topic on the latest big news story will make you more at ease.

4. Plan for Comfort

Even though you are sitting down to eat with the employer, the focus is not on the food. If you tend to eat a lot, consider having a small snack before you go so that you’re not ravenous and distracted from the conversation. Likewise, if you get very thirsty, have a tall glass of water before the meal so you don’t miss out on key points while you’re flagging down the waiter for your third refill. Definitely eat and enjoy your food, but don’t let your hunger be a distraction from the true task at hand: landing that job.

Want more practice, come to one of our upcoming industry-focused Dining for Success dinners.   In-person registration at NYU Wasserman required.  More details available via NYU CareerNet.

Insights into the Brooklyn Naval Yard and Ecologic Solutions Site Visit

Shauna Sexsmith, a Public Relations & Corporate Communication graduate student and Wasserman@SCPS Program Assistant, attended last week’s site visit to The Brooklyn Naval Yard. Below is her account of the visit to one of the largest sustainable industrial parks in the United States.

As part of NYU Spring at the Square, the NYU Wasserman Center hosted a visit to the Brooklyn Naval Yard, a national model for sustainable urban industrial parks and home to modern manufacturers that are tech-driven and socially responsible.

Our first stop was BLDG 92, a building with LEED Platinum certification, that is also a public space that showcases the history and innovation of The Brooklyn Navy Yard – from the Revolutionary War to the transformation in jobs and industry happening in New York City right now. For over 15 years, much to my surprise, the Navy Yard Development Corporation has operated an on-site Employment Center, and is dedicated to connecting local residents to employment opportunities with any of its 330 tenants or local retailers. To give you a little context,  for 150 years the Yard churned out America’s most famous fighting ships, from the USS Maine to the USS Missouri. Today, the Yard houses 300+ designers and manufactures working towards increasing a greener way of life.

At the center, they specialize in placements for job seekers of all skill levels, with emphasis on local residents (including NYCHA residents), Veterans, and individuals with experience in the following sectors: industrial/manufacturing, tech, sustainability, green design, hospitality, and warehouse/distribution to name a few. They also provide: placements both inside and outside of the Yard, assistance with interviewing & other “soft” skills, training and education classes and support services post-placement. For further information about the Employment Center please email/call at: | 718-907-5996.

Back on the tour, our second stop was EcoLogic Solutions (ELS), a sustainable corporation specializing in manufacturing and distributing environmentally friendly cleaning products. The mission of ELS to provide their products to an array of industries — food service, hotels, and educational institutions. By providing sustainable products, EcoLogic Solutions helps businesses green their operations, while keeping costs low. We learned how their products are made and had insightful and inspiring Q&A session with the company’s CEO, Anselm Doering.

At the end of the tour, I got to thinking: since the days of the Industrial Revolution, we’ve tied manufacturing to smoke stacks and polluting factories. But today’s generation of manufacturers — with a keen eye on environmental impact — are cleaning up the sector’s reputation through use of cutting-edge technology, highly efficient processes and a broad array of natural materials that are both high quality and eco-friendly. More than a few of these companies are housed in the revitalized Brooklyn Naval Yard. Our ability to choose, to decide for ourselves the type of world we want to help create and live in, has never been so readily available, as it is at The Yard.

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Strengthen Your Networking Skills On and Offline

Are you comfortable approaching strangers at a networking event? Do you know how to ask for an introduction to a hiring manager on LinkedIn? Are you fully utilizing your network of personal and professional contacts?

Family, friends and past co-workers are all potential opportunities to get access, learn insights and get a step ahead of the competition. Whether you’re working the room at a networking event or staying in touch with professional colleagues, it is more important than ever for job seekers and professionals that are currently employed to develop a strong set of networking skills. According to a recent survey, referrals account for more than 25% of external hires. It’s not just about utilizing contacts outside of your organization, either. The same survey mentions, internal transfers and promotions accounted for an average of 50% of all full time hires.

Our team of finance recruiters at Wall Street Services (LINK: TITLE: NYC Finance Recruiters) often work with job seekers and financial professionals who are lost when it comes to networking and building a robust circle of engaged business contacts. “It’s not just about getting the job and acing the interview. Professionals need to constantly look for opportunities to network and grow their network to take advantage of opportunities in the future,” commented Suzanne Havranek, Senior Recruiter and Fulfillment Manager at Wall Street Services.

In an effort to help our consultants achieve their career goals, our team has developed a series of Job Seeker Workshops (LINK: TITLE: Career Education for Job Seekers) that focus on core job search and career education topics including Resume Reviews, Interview Preparation Strategies, Tips for Success on the Job, and Networking skills both on and offline. In our Job Seeker Workshop: Networking Skills module, we share important tips on how to regularly engage with your network online and seek out referral opportunities.

We are excited to host a Job Seeker Workshop on Networking on December 2nd with the NYU Wasserman Career Center. Attendees will learn key strategies how to grow their network both on and offline to develop skills for their career that will last a lifetime.

Please join us and learn invaluable methods for building and maintaining your professional network. Remember, the contacts you make today could serve you in the future.

Source –

About Wall Street Services: Wall Street Services is the leading source of project-based consultants in the finance industry. Providing on-demand professionals specifically identified to match an organization’s unique culture, Wall Street Services has developed a proprietary recruiting process allowing it to recognize and select only the most adaptable and qualified professionals in the industry – the top 2% of all applicants – including project managers, business analysts, compliance, risk professionals, accountants, financial analysts, operations professionals, and other specialty areas. For more information visit

In Case You Missed It: Non-Profit Boot Camp

Did you miss last week’s Non-Profit Boot Camp at the Wasserman Center? If so, click on the logo below for a social media summary of the day’s events.

Be sure to check Career Net for more information about our upcoming career related events and seminars.

Prologue Sessions at The Wasserman Center


You’re at NYU: You’re smart, you’re hard working, you’re talented and you want an awesome career.

At the same time you’re also a human being, which means the biggest thing in your way from getting what you want for your career may be yourself.

Prologue Sessions is the interactive workshop specifically designed for you to get out of your own way and make things happen for your career. Right now.

At Prologue Sessions you will get:

1. Clarity in what you want for your career.

2. Freedom from the constraints that have been getting in your way from what you want.

3. Concrete actions you can take to make things happen for yourself.

4. Accountability buddies that support you in completing your actions to get what you want.


Prologue Sessions are the most effective and inspiring events I’ve been to in quite some time. More than just productivity, more than just goal setting, more than just figuring out what you want to do, Prologue Sessions are for everyone that needs help getting from where they are to where they want to be, whether they know where they want to be or not. I found the process extremely helpful and, once I got home, easy to put into practice and found myself getting results that same week.” – Jen U, Literary Agent

My experience with Prologue Sessions was incredibly valuable because it went beyond simple career-advancement tactics and focused more on career expansion.  Two months after I attended my first event, I can proudly say that I have started a freelance presentation design consultancy and have already worked with five amazing clients (while still enjoying my full-time job).  Keep expanding.” – Brian M.

Prologue Profiles and its live sessions are wonderful resources for anyone who is serious about pursuing their career dreams.  These tools have helped me to redefine my goals, create practical action plans, and follow through on my endeavors.   Since joining the Prologue community, I’ve started a blog, built 2 websites, and developed a cosmetics line.  I’ve met like-minded people who have provided me with great accountability and encouragement. I am so grateful I found Prologue Profiles and Prologue Sessions.” – Asiya M.,

Prologue Sessions is from the creative team behind the entrepreneurial podcast series, Prologue Profiles. Previous guests include Jeff Laub of the Blind Barber, Rameet Chawla of Fueled and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop.


If you’re ready to take your first action towards turning what you want into reality, click here to RSVP!

We look forward to seeing you at the event on Wednesday, November 6th, at 5:30pm!