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Resource of the Week: Mentor Network


Resource Name: Mentor Network

Where to find it: Thorugh your NYU CareerNet account

What it is: It’s a great resource that the NYU Wasserman Center provides to help students explore different careers by connecting them with alumni and other professionals who are interested in helping you gain valuable experience in whichever career field you choose.

How do they do that? The Mentors in this program are available for you to have an in-person informational interview in which you can discuss their occupation and even obtain career advice and strategies. They’re also open to a “Day on the job” or a “Shadow Day” in which you get to spend a few hours observing your Mentor’s daily work routine and gain a real work perspective on a potential career. Lastly, they’re even available through a phone or Skype call for you to gain even more career-related information.

Who it’s good for: It’s fantastic for all you NYU students out there who want to explore your different areas of interest but don’t really know where to begin. And of course, for alumni and outside employers who are willing to give advice or just talk to students about their jobs and companies.

Why you should use it: As a student at NYU, you don’t really have that much free time to take an internship or job in every company or career you’re interested in. This is a fantastic way to save time as well as get the benefit of talking with a mentor who’s willing to guide and help you figure out. And it’s easy to do so as well!

To connect with a mentor in your area of interest, you can come in for a walk-in appointment and a counselor will briefly go over protocol and the steps to utilize our Mentor Network.

If you have additional questions please contact

Resource of the Week: Idealist

Resource of the Week: Idealist

Resource Name:

Where to Find it:

What it is: It’s a site that’s fantastic in the non-profit jobs niche. Thousands of jobs, internships, and even volunteer opportunities are listed at organizations, both domestic and international. You can search by the type of organization (immigration, civil rights, etc.) keywords, language, educational level, etc. It’s a very extensive searchable database of organizations that can help you identify target organizations in sectors of interest when prospecting for jobs.

Who it’s good for: This is a great resource to use for you college students looking for a way to give back and the opportunities offered here have many options to choose from.

Why you should use it: If you’re interested in the non-profit world or even social entrepreneurship, this site is perfect for you to check out.  You’ll find internship or job opportunities on this dynamic site tat you wont be able to find any where else! With hundreds and thousands of organizations to apply to or volunteer for, offers you extensive opportunities to truly make a difference in the world.

Resource of the Week:

Resource Name:

Where to find it: Log into your NYUCareerNet account and select Document Library under Resources. Then scroll down until you see

What it is: is a really great website to frequent. With internships available in many different career fields such as government, marketing, science, journalism and much more, provides the users with an abundance of internship opportunities in the major cities across the US. It’s an easily navigable site that’s almost like the NYUCareerNet, except on a smaller scale.

Who it’s good for: If you’re looking for a short summer internship, or even a part-time internship during the school year, this is definitely a great resource for you to check out. Once you’ve selected your major and the city that you are interested in working in, a fairly long list of internship options appears for your perusal. This is especially useful for freshman and sophomores who are still deciding which field they are interested in pursuing, or for those who just want to gain more experience in their chosen field of study.

Why you should use it: Though most of the internships on this website are part time and unpaid, it’s still a really great and easy way to gain more work experience, because in the end that’s what is more important.  Another plus of using this tool is that, much like the Wasserman Center, you are able to apply for an internship through this website.  Additionally, these internship opportunities that are available are a fantastic way to start your career.

Resource of the Week: International Jobs Center

Resource Name: International Jobs Center

Where to find it: Log in to your NYU CareerNet account and select the Document Library under Resources. Select “International Career Employment Weekly” or go to

What it is: International Jobs Center is a site that offers international professionals job opportunities around the world.  It contains all the information for job openings in a multitude of areas such as intergovernmental organizations, engineering firms, corporations involved in international trade and finance, student exchange organizations and much more.

Who it is good for: It’s a fantastic resource for job or internship seekers with an international background, people looking for an international job or internship, and of course international employers.

Why you should use it: You shouldn’t mistake it for an employment agency, because it’s not. It’s a valuable resource in that it has a wide array of international fields.  While you can’t apply through the site itself, International Jobs Center provides each employer’s information, job requirements, what they’re looking for in a candidate, and lastly how to apply for the position.   It’s helpful in that you have all the information you need to apply for a specific job compiled in one, easily accessible place.

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Resource of the Week: Linkedin

Resource Name: LinkedIn

Where to find it:

What it is: LinkedIn is a social networking site that’s actually all about professional network building for people who are about to enter or are already in the workforce. Think of it as a Rolodex where you’re able to connect with employers, friends, and professors alike to help expand your network of professionals.

Who it is good for: LinkedIn is beneficial for all students preparing to begin their job search who want to learn more about a particular business opportunity as well as employers seeking potential candidates.

Why you should use it: Through LinkedIn, you are able to follow different companies and get notifications about job offers available and even “save” jobs that you’re interested in applying for. It allows you to upload your resume or design your own profile to showcase your work experiences. You can review the profiles of hiring professionals and discover which of your existing contacts, such as friends, previous employers, and even professors, can introduce you to them. Link-in to this resource to stay connected to your dream job!

Interested? Read more here.

Also, don’t forget to attend Social Media + Networking for your Job Search Seminar on March 12th at 3:30 PM. To RSVP, click here.

Resource of the Week: Going Global

Resource Name: Going Global

Where to find it: You can find it on the home page of your NYU CareerNet under the News Feed section.

What it is: Going Global is a country-specific career and employment database containing constantly-updated information on topics such as: work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups and cultural/interviewing advice.

Who it is good for: Going Global is an essential tool for anyone pursuing employment opportunities in a foreign country.

Why you should use it: Packed with country-specific career information, this research tool provides you with expert advice and insider tips for finding employment opportunities at home and abroad. You can also access more than 400,000+ country-specific company profiles across all sorts of industries. Additionally, Going Global provides you with cultural advice, including communication styles, office protocols, negotiation styles, etc.

See the video below on the Global Advantage!



Resource of the Week: Global Listserv

Resource Name: NYU Global Listserv

Where to find it: To subscribe to the Global listserv, please send a blank email from your “” or “” email address to

What it is: The Global listserv is an email newsletter about events and opportunities around and beyond NYU. It includes global events, jobs and internship opportunities, a career story highlight, and a GNU site spotlight, which includes meeting peers, a “Day in the Life”,  fun ways of getting to know a sites, and an article from that specific country. It also includes featured global resources.

Who it is good for: All students in NYU across the GNU!

Why you should use it: The Global listserv puts you up front and center with events happening across the GNU. Whether you are studying at the NYU campus or at one of the many global sites, the global listserv can help you prepare for or stay in touch with a global experience. Additionally, the global listserv has the most recently posted career opportunities abroad, articles and spotlight stories from across the GNU, as well as invaluable resources to help you in your global studies.

Resource of the Week: Vault Career Guide


Resource Name: Vault Career Guide
Where to find it: NYU students have FREE access to the Vault Career Guides through your NYU CareerNet account. To access the guides, please log in to your NYU CareerNet account and find it under the “News Feed” Section.
What it is: Online career guidebooks that provide insight into hundreds of career opportunities (ranging from internships to full-time jobs) and top employers in a wide variety of fields.
Who it’s good for: All students preparing to begin their job search who want to learn more about a particular career or industry
Why you should use it: Fortune calls Vault “The best place on the Web to prepare for a job search,” and for good reason. Vault Career Guide is the most comprehensive resource for career management and job search information (including salaries, hiring practices, company culture, and more). Vault’s website offers top employer profiles and rankings, industry blogs, message boards, job boards, and education information. Additionally, Vault provides a forum for the world’s best professionals to engage with candidates who are interested in their respective industry.