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Wasserman Cover Letter Best Practices Guide

Writing a cover letter can be a daunting task. Especially for those who’ve never written one. Wasserman’s goal is to help simplify the process with the Wasserman Cover Letter Best Practices Guide.

Download it here: Wasserman Cover Letter Best Practices Guide

Need a little extra assistance with your cover letter? Don’t miss the upcoming webinar, Resumes and Cover Letters that Work (Friday, October 17th, 4:00-5:00pm). RSVP through NYU CareerNet!


Wasserman Resume Best Practices Checklist

Need a little assistance with your resume? Wasserman has you covered! This checklist will get you on the road to a perfect resume.

Download it here: Resume Guide + Checklist PDF


Wall Street Services Presents Tips for Resume Success

Have you always wondered what makes a resume stand out to a recruiter? Ideally, you want to provide evidence that your skills and experiences are a match for the job description as closely as possible. Apart from that, we want to share one specific insight that will boost your resume’s potential to entice a recruiter to give you a call.

The truth of the matter is that managers want people who get things done. The world is full of people who do things with little eye on the result. We look at hundreds of resumes each week and one of the key mistakes we see is listing tasks rather than accomplishments. By listing your accomplishments you will stand out and be noticed. Having your resume stand out as noticeable is the point of having a resume. If you are responding to a job posting, it is likely that hundreds of other people are responding as well. If your resume does not stand out, it will be lost in the sea of job seekers vying for the same few positions. In fact, the great probability is that your resume will first be screened by a junior person who knows little about the job you are applying for and is looking for three or four specific items.

Some Tips

AVOID: Listing your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities – for example:

-Researched breaks on aged swap payments to determine the cause for each.

-Prepared and analyzed daily reports

-Communicated with clients

INSTEAD: Detail an accomplishment that explicitly informs the tasks and technical abilities you have – for example:

-Extremely productive in risk reduction: reduced breaks from more than 6,000 to less than 100, completing the project ahead of target date

-Designed and implemented new daily reporting schematic which provided management with a wider range of critical information 2 hours earlier

-Provided critical information to over 4,000 clients

Highlighting your accomplishments will indicate to your recruiter that you are a motivated go-getter able to complete projects and ultimately bring value to their organization. To see more resume, interview and job search tips, visit our blog.

If you are interested in having your resume critiqued by an experienced recruiter in the finance industry, be sure to come to our Resumes & Cover Letters That Work: Presented by Wall Street Services event.  It will be held at the Wasserman Career Center at NYU on March 13th at 4:30pm.

Wall Street Services is a boutique recruiting firm in the finance industry. We place financial consultants on a project basis with well-known firms in New York City. Our mission is to place people into positions they love and provide the best consultants to our clients.

Engineering & Technology Jobs: “In Demand” Candidate Skills

Engineering and Technology jobs are in demand. If you don’t believe, me check out a quick summary of NACE’s Job Outlook 2012 survey.  Make yourself even more in demand by highlighting your technical skills and demonstrating your communication skills to potential employers. A great place to get started is at the Fall Engineering and Technology Career Fair on September 13th at NYU-Poly.

The Wasserblog has already shared basic tips about how to make the most of a career fair. If you missed it, check it out here. However, here are a few more STEM-specific tips to prepare for a career fair.

Technical Skills: Do your research and know what technical skills organizations are looking for. Be sure to include these skills user the “skills” section on your resume and know how talk about your skills. Share with potential employers specific examples of times that you demonstrated a desired skill on an academic project or during previous work experience.

Communication Skills: Technical skills alone won’t get you the job. You need to be able to talk about your skills and articulate what makes you unique and why you are a good fit for the position. Prepare your elevator pitch. It is one thing to say that you are a good communicator, but quite another to demonstrate your communication skills on the spot. The more you practice your pitch (with a career counselor, friends, your cat) the more comfortable you will be presenting it on the day of the fair.

How to Tuesday: How to Rock the Class of 2013 Resume Book Collection

Class of 2013! You’re just a couple of weeks away from senior year. Which means…. its time to start looking for jobs!

Still reading? Okay great..

Don’t you wish a magical job fairy would find the perfect job for you, and send employers scrambling to call you? Well, we have the closest thing: Resume Books! Put your best foot forward and let the employers who want you, find you themselves.

Starting TODAY until Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 3pm, the Wasserman Center for Career Development will collect resumes for the Class of 2013 Resume Book Collection . These books will be distributed to hundreds of employers in industries such as government/nonprofit,  finance, marketing, engineering and technology, advertising, public relations, entertainment, health care, consulting, education, real estate and many more, and serve as one source for recruiting Class of 2013 graduates.

The Steps in a Nutshell (Must be completed by May 17th 3pm):
1) a) Meet the eligibility requirements below. b) Come in during walk-ins and get your resume signed off on by a counselor.

Yes, you must still come in – even if someone here has looked at your resume before. It never hurts to get another set of eyes on it!

2) Submit the signed form and hard copy of your resume book to the recruitment desk.

3) Select up to 4 books for your resume to be included in

4) Complete the electronic upload process (you’ll get these instructions after we receive your hard copy).

Eligibility Requirements:
– Be officially recognized by the University as receiving an academic degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD) in January, May or September 2013 (certificate candidates, MBAs and Law students are NOT eligible).

-Get your resume critiqued and signed off on by the Wasserman Center or NYU-Poly Career Center staff before the deadline. Click here for the Wasserman walk in hours schedule. Click here for the NYU-Poly walk in hours schedule. This must take place even if a counselor has looked at your resume in the past.

For detailed submission instructions go to