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Social Media Week Highlight: Facebook

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Social Media is changing the landscape of today’s careers. It is rapidly becoming an essential tool for building a professional network as well as expanding your employment potential.  The ability to create and sustain your online presence gives you a unique opportunity to establish and promote your personal brand.

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First up…Facebook!

You may think of Facebook as that tool you use to follow your old high school flame or your favorite frenemy, to post your envy worthy vacation photos, or to use as a virtual chat page when you are slipping out of your chair in your 3 hour lecture class.

However, Facebook is a great way to seek employment opportunities and to present your professional self.  Just make sure you remember these tips for using Facebook:

  1. Explore and identify companies or groups that have Facebook pages and contact them for more information about opportunities. However, make sure these companies are active on Facebook. Check to see when their last post was made or how often they post to their Facebook.
  2. Facebook is public so before you wreck yourself, check yourself. Facebook or Google yourself to see what comes up and what potential employers will see if they do the same. If you do not like what you find, it is time to do some damage control. Make sure your Facebook profile is consistent with your other social media platforms. If you plan to use your Facebook reSet your privacy settings accordingly. Evaluate your profile picture and make sure it’s professional and appropriate. Your default might be the first the potential employers see: make a great first impression.
  3. There are many different groups on Facebook such as alumni and young professional groups. Add yourself to these groups and keep an eye on updates and posts, you never know what is going to be posted. The next post could be an amazing job opportunity. Utilize Facebook and your connections to seek out these opportunities within your very network.

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