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Student Perspectives: The 5 “Do’s” at the NYU Career Fair

Aziza Sultan is a current NYU student in a joint CAS/GSAS program. She is studying politics for her Bachelor’s degree and concentrating on political economy for her Master’s.

Do Dress the Part

When you go to a career fair, it is the beginning of a conversation that you are going to be having with a potential internship or employment opportunity. This first impression is important and it’s crucial that you put forward that you are professional. It’s imperative to take care of your appearance because you can easily prepare to look professional, to ensure that you aren’t judged on that, but rather on the rest of your package. Don’t let something you can easily control be a reason a firm you want to work for doubts you.

Do Have Copies of Your Resume Available (and a 30/60 Second Run Through Prepared)

Always have double the resumes you think you’ll need on hand. Have them out, and readily available to give to recruiters.

The nature of the career fair is that certain tables will have more of a line than others. It’s important to be able to distinguish which are the more competitive tables to navigate and which are easier to access. Ones that are easier to access will give you more ability to engage in more detailed conversation, so for those tables you can speak to the recruiter or people at that table for a longer period of time. Other tables will have more interested students. Thus, it’s important to have two types of “walk-throughs” of your resume and overall package. For shorter conversations, a 30 second presentment of yourself will do, while longer conversations can be up to around 60 seconds before a back and forth short question and answer.

Seek to Speak to Employers of Interest First

The nature of the career fair is that time is limited, so make sure that you go to tables you know you are interested in first, and save companies you want to explore for later.

Part of this strategy is going to be having done prior research on firms that will be present at the fair. A useful application to download is “NYU Career Fair Plus” on your Android or iPhone. It will have a list of all employers who are going to be at the fair. If you want to be prepared and hit the ground running, download the application and learn in depth about every single firm you’re interested in that will be present.

Do Be Yourself

Don’t try to fit into a bubble of what you expect the recruiter will like. Recruiters are people, not robots who just sort between good fits and bad fits for positions. Be confident and know that it is part of the recruiter’s goal to find smart, competent and easy to work with people to work for their firm (given that they are otherwise good fits for the position).  I’ve seen people be incredibly aggressive with recruiters to prove that they are go-getters. That’s not a good way to be, because no one wants to work with people who are abrasive as a means of showing their competence or ability to do well.

Do Only Go After Positions That are Genuinely of Interest to You

I say this because I really think people waste time and energy going after internships and employment they don’t really care to have. This is not only a waste of your own resources but of many people’s. It’s obvious to a potential employer when you are going after something only because you think it will be glamorous, pays well, or is what your friends are doing. At the end of the day, you’ll have to step into and out of an office every single day for the duration of your internship or employment. Where you work, whether you want to work there, and whether or not it’s a good fit for you will impact every part of your life – so make an educated choice. Know the firm and the work you will be doing, know yourself and seek to add the most value to both.


Student Perspectives: 10-week Internship Experience at AllianceBernstein

From the 10-Week Summer Internship…

My first experience of AllianceBernstein began with the 10-week Internship program during the summer after my junior year. From SQL training to advanced market knowledge, I was able to absorb so much with the support of my mentor and other team members. I was able to ask questions to any managers within or outside my team in accordance with AB’s open-minded culture, without which I would have not been able to manage my projects that required proficiency in programming language as a finance major. 10 weeks was sufficient for me to decide that this is the place where people truly foster each other’s growth as a firm, in accordance with its “Culture of Relentless Ingenuity”.

To Being Part of the Rotational Associate Program

Heading into my third month at AllianceBernstein as an Associate under Investment Management track, my opinion of AB remains unchanged. I can proudly say that this firm has so much to offer for anyone who wishes to get a head start on his/her professional career. The Rotational Program is a great advantage for college graduates to get the taste of different businesses in depth while being part of significant projects for each rotation. For myself, my first rotation has been with the BenOwn team under Security Reference Management. From the very first day, I was included into every part of my team’s project list—from its daily task to an on-going vendor contract project. I was even pulled into a Legal team’s daily project list to conduct Fair Allocation Tests and Front-Running Tests as my team interacts closely with the Legal and Compliance team for financial reporting purposes to the S.E.C. I am looking forward to be exposed to even broader parts of the firm to gain fuller experience of AB and the Asset Management industry.

Besides the rigorously structured rotational program, AllianceBernstein actively fosters its employees’ growth through various types of trainings and networking opportunities. These training sessions and networking events further enhance the AB’s culture of “Relentless Ingenuity” by creating a more team-oriented and better inter-department network that ultimately encourage sharing of ideas and effective communication.

Examples of such training/networking events include “Honing Your Professional Presence” series presented by AB’s Head of Human Resources, Speaker Series events presented by different Department Heads, Firm-wide Receptions for the Associates and Interns, as well as AB’s departmental Career Center and e-Learning platforms that provide constant training opportunities for the employees. Certain events, such as the Comedy Workshop and Explore AB, are specially designed by the Technology and Operations team for its Associates to enable them to build better network across the firm to be part of AB’s inclusive culture.

Activities and Additional Perks of Being Part of AllianceBernstein

Employee Resource Groups are another important component of AB’s culture. From AB Runner’s club to AB enERGy team that advocates to go-green movement, employees are encouraged to pursue their interests outside work while being part of AB. Other groups include AB Asians, AB Volunteers group, and LGBT club. Each club hosts their own series of events of various nature, which ranges from wine tasting events to book discussions.

Delicious food options are another important perk offered for the AB employees. With on12 cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch composed of different cuisines and pantries on each floor filled with free beverages, AB ensures that its employees are well-fed and energized to perform at their best.

Conclusive Remarks

If you are an individual who is looking to be part of a firm that genuinely cares about its employee’s professional growth, AllianceBernstein is the place to be. Under the environment that fosters a “Culture of Relentless Ingenuity”, you are guaranteed with guidance to develop your professional presence on a solid ground with constant mentorship and experience the firm as well as the industry from variety of perspectives. Investing in your future at a right place is undoubtedly an important task, and the rotational program allows you to explore without taking the risk of being stuck with a wrong choice. So what’s there to hesitate?