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Attire for Successful Hire

You’ve heard it before: you only get one chance to make a good first impression, dress for success, dress for the job you want not the one you have. Here at the NYU Wasserman Center, we cannot emphasize enough the importance to dress professionally for your interview. Business formal is essential for interviews and company presentations.

Regardless of the work environment, interviews are professional meetings. Professional attire not only supports your appearance, but also demonstrates that you take the interview process seriously and it compliments the person interviewing you. Employers do take notice of your attire and it does factor in to your overall performance. For ideas and inspiration of professional attire, please visit the NYU Wasserman “Dress for Success” Pinterest pages.

For Him:

  • Suit: A suit looks polished and makes you look professional. To avoid looking sloppy, make sure your suit is tailored. The proper fit is key!
  • Tie: A tie pulls your outfit together while allowing you to express some personality.
  • Socks: Wear dark dress socks, no athletic socks. Mid-calf length is best for interviews so when you sit no skin is visible.
  • Shoes: Dress shoes. Shoes should be cleaned and polished so you are ready to shine.

For Her:

  • Suit: Women should wear a pants suit, a skirt, or a business formal dress. Make sure that your outfit isn’t too snug or that your pants aren’t too long. Skirt or dress should be at knee length.
  • Shirt: Blouses or button down shirts should be solid in color. Patterns can be busy and distracting during an interview. If you choose to wear all black, try to add a pop of color to add some personality.
  • Hosiery: Hosiery should always be worn on an interview. Try to stick to black or nude and avoid prints.
  • Shoes: Closed toed shoes are most professional for an interview. Avoid extreme styles or heights. Also, make sure that you are able to walk comfortably in your shoes!

Grooming and Finishing Touches:

  • Hair: Should be clean, combed and neat
  • Hands: Make sure you have clean hands, especially during the flu season!
  • Smell: Use perfume and/or cologne modestly.
  • Portfolio: Always have on you a professional portfolio. Backpacks and briefcases are bulky.

Mirror Check:

Try on your outfit before hand to ensure everything fits properly, looks neat, and, most importantly, looks professional.

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