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In Case You Missed It: Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students

Did you miss Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students last week at the Wasserman Center? If so, click on the logo below for an exciting recap.

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In Case You Missed It: Non-Profit Boot Camp

Did you miss last week’s Non-Profit Boot Camp at the Wasserman Center? If so, click on the logo below for a social media summary of the day’s events.

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What will you learn at Business Boot Camp? GSAS student Heng Lyu will tell ya!

Boot camps are full day conferences designed to explore the realities of working in various industries. Highlights include a keynote speakeenr and seminars facilitated by industry leaders. Created in partnership with Morgan Stanley, these intensive career conferences are designed to familiarize students with a variety of industries and to help ease the transition from the classroom to the workplace. Here’s a profile of a student that has participated in the Boot Camp series before, and is looking forward to the upcoming Business Boot Camp.

Name: Heng Lyu
School: GSAS
Major: Computer Science
Professional Goals: Developer (short term), CEO (long term)

Please share something you learned at Internship Boot Camp: 

I learned different job search strategies, networking strategies, and the importance of sharing career goals with others.

Why are you excited to attend Business Boot Camp?: 

I am looking forward to strengthening my knowledge of different business areas, including technology. I would also like to learn about common sense practices in business, entrepreneurship, understanding corporate culture, understanding economic trends, getting an insider’s perspective of the business world, networking with professionals in the field, and improving my knowledge of business terminology. At Boot Camp I hope to make friends with similar career interests.

Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students

Deadline to apply: Mon, Nov 18th

Event Date: Thursday, Jan 23 and Friday, Jan 24, 2014

Get an inside look at the corporate world at this two-day conference for liberal arts and science students. The goal is to provide students with knowledge of industry terminology, an understanding of transferable liberal arts skills, and a basic overview of sectors within the business world including financial services, marketing and digital media, advertising, consulting, and entrepreneurship.  Apply here!



More Advice To Help You Succeed At Your Internship

Yusuf Alwattar is a student of the Global Liberal Studies Program, Class of 2014.

So, you just landed that internship you thought you would never get. You
interviewed like a boss, and now you have one. So… what comes next? I mean, how can you actually be successful in your new position?

To keep yourself from becoming like your not-so-successful predecessor (like that guy who earned the title of worst intern ever), here are three helpful tips:

1. Be accommodating and polite. You’d be surprised how much office politics affects things like promotions, responsibilities, and trust. Your attitude can definitely affect the willingness of your boss to confide in you. In other words, saying good morning can get in on exciting board meetings instead copying papers.

2. Ask questions. Begin asking questions at your interview, so you know what
work you expect to do. Continue asking questions throughout the internship. Just make sure you understand your task and your responsibilities. Don’t worry about asking too many questions. It’s better to sound like an idiot in the beginning, than to actually look like one while you’re still figuring out how to write a memo three hours in.

3. Enjoy. Find a way to enjoy your internship, even if that means arriving fifteen
minutes early so you look at the view from One World Financial Center. As a general rule, people like happy people. Maybe your boss will react positively to your enthusiasm and give you more important, worthwhile responsibilities; or maybe she will consider paying you next semester. At the very least, if you looked like you liked your job and you tried hard to accomplished all of those ridiculous tasks your boss asked you to do, his or her letter of recommendation to your next boss might just tip the scales in your favor.

For more great tips on securing and succeeding in a rewarding internship, apply to attend Internship Boot Camp on Friday, November 1st! Application Deadline, October 7th – NYU CareerNet Job ID: 899872

How To Be A Great Intern

Le-Jeune Sealey-Horsford, is a Class of 2014 student in the College of Nursing. Here, she offers some valuable advice about making the most of your internship.

Congratulations! You have landed the internship of your dreams. An internship is an amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth, a chance to learn about the company that hired you and also a chance to learn about yourself. It might even be an opportunity to discover new interests and talents.
So, you have your intern ID, you’ve bought your work attire, and everything seems to be falling into place. But there’s still anxiety looming about how to be a great intern. Here are a few tips:

Set goals and objectives – Think about what you want to achieve during the internship and steps to achieve them.
Be professional – Introduce yourself to the staff, be punctual, and have a good attitude. The saying, “your attitude determines your altitude” couldn’t be truer, so be sure to put your best foot forward.
Ask questions – Your employer wants you to ask questions so don’t be afraid to do so. Remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked!
Network – Networking can open doors for you. It’s also a way to give you a sense of direction, and find out about other opportunities for further growth.
Reflect – Keep a journal of all the great things you have done at your internship. It’s a nice keepsake, a way to evaluate your progress and will come in handy when you update your resume.
Give thanks – Be sure to thank your boss, co-workers, human resource personnel, and anyone else who has been helpful to you throughout your internship.
Update your resume – Don’t forget to update your resume with your internship experience.

For more great tips on securing and succeeding in a rewarding internship, apply to attend Internship Boot Camp on Friday, November 1st! Application Deadline, October 7th – NYU CareerNet Job ID: 899872



Attention Liberal Arts Students: Business Boot Camp Registration is Live!

Applications for the Business Boot Camp are due November 12, 2012. Apply via NYU CareerNet (Job ID #862479). Business Boot Camp is held on Thursday and Friday, January 24-25, 2013.

Polish your shoes, tuck in your shirt, and print your résumé, Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students applications are now available!

This two-day business career exploration conference will feature ways to market your Liberal Arts degree in the business world and will give students a “basic training” in the lingo of the corporate realm. This boot camp is designed specifically for Liberal Arts students, and will provide students industry knowledge, exposure to corporate career paths, and an understanding of current trends in the business world – everything you’ll need to take the working world by storm!

Getting the job you want and succeeding in it: Career Boot Camp

Leave your fatigues at home, but lint-roll your power suit—Career Boot Camp is coming!

Making the transition from student to professional can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be, so long as you’re armed with the knowledge and resources to successfully navigate both career choices and office life.

Career Boot Camp: From Classroom to Workplace is a one-day, on-campus conference designed to make the transition from university to working life as smooth as possible. Professionals from top firms will offer advice, information, and insight to help students excel in their careers, including:

·      Career “do’s” and “don’ts”
·      Networking and communication strategies
·      How to effectively negotiate real world work-place situations

Applications for the Career Boot Camp are due October 5, 2012. Apply via NYU CareerNet (Job ID #862472). Career Boot Camp is held on Friday, November 2nd.

DEADLINE TODAY! Nonprofit Boot Camp: Skills to Change the World

Non-Profit Boot Camp: Skills to Change the World

Want to make a difference in the world? Don’t know how?

More often than not our idealistic dreams of saving the world can get crush with the crud reality of the economic landscape and life. After a while the realities of what saving the world actually entail become more and more prevalent in our decision-making, and could be a source of stress.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. Properly planning, networking and developing the skills necessary to be successful in the Non-Profit industry can make your dreams a reality.

Attend our highly acclaimed (NYU exclusive) Non-Profit Boot Camp conference on March 30, 2012.  This daylong conference will cover topics relating to the Non-Profit sector and lift the veil on the mysteries of working as a Non-Profit professional.

Industries covered include: Government, Education, Arts, Health Care, Environment, Human Rights and International Development.

Registration for the Non-Profit Boot Camp: Skills to Change the World is now open. Don’t miss your chance to get valuable insider information and meet with industry professionals.

Apply by TODAY! Job ID # 842196 in NYU CareerNet Check out the Wasserman Center for more information. http://www.nyu.edu/careerdevelopment/students/events/bootcamp.php