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Summer Spotlight Series with Talent Tech

Did you miss Executive Director, Jonathan’s, day at Talent Tech Labs? If so, click on the logo below for a recap.

Sound like a place you’d like to work? Check out the openings on CareerNet: Job IDs: 939426 and 917366.

March Madness: Career & Employment Tournament Bracket

March Madness and the NCAA Basketball Tournaments are upon us! As you settle in to watch and cheer on your favorite men’s and women’s teams through this month’s non-stop blitz of exciting action, take the time to also think of your career and employment plans. A lot of you may be filling out brackets and hoping to predict the correct winners. Think about the same thing for your career. Like Florida, Arizona, or Wichita State on the men’s side and UConn, Tennessee, and Notre Dame on the women’s side, you probably have career and industry favorites. It’s easy and painless to advance these favorites through your bracket, but it takes a little time and research to pick some upsets. What kind of jobs and careers are your underdogs? Who are those Albanys, Florida Gulf Coasts, and Cardiac Pack teams that can come up out of nowhere to capture your focus and attention?

So, this March, don’t just pick a safe tournament bracket and don’t just settle for the same types of career exploration. Be bold in your search and match your skills, qualifications, and interests to some other, untapped potential career matches. Check out CareerNet for our latest seminars and industry expos, make an appointment with a career coach to help evaluate options, or take a few minutes to see where NYU grads end up professionally.

It’s called March Madness for a reason. Don’t play it safe…explore and research!

In Case You Missed It: Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students

Did you miss Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students last week at the Wasserman Center? If so, click on the logo below for an exciting recap.

Be sure to follow all the Boot Camp happenings by logging onto Career Net and checking the Events tab. On Twitter, check out #NYUBBC14.

Seniority Rules: A CAS Senior’s Experience with Wasserman

Sharifunnesa Khanam

My name is Sharifunnesa Khanam. I am a senior in the College of Arts and Science at NYU. I have utilized the Wasserman Center for Career Development ever since I was a first-year student. During my freshman year, I attended some workshops. During my sophomore and junior years, I participated in the Diversity Internship & Career Preparation (D.I.C.P.) program. By participating in it, I learned more about networking with employers and even participated in mock interviews with some recruiters. I also went to seminars and presentations including one that taught us to create our own brand through 90-second pitches about ourselves. By going to Wasserman, I definitely learned a lot more about the professional world than I would have otherwise.

I think its very important for us as college students, especially nowadays, to be aware of how to handle ourselves when we network with employers or even attend an interview. Even if you’re in a pre-professional program and think you may not need to use Wasserman, these are still some great skills to learn while you’re still in college. Wasserman also offers career assessments if you’re unsure about your future career and want to know more about what types of jobs you might be fit for based on your personality. I would recommend taking one of those exams at some point. If you already know what career you would like to pursue, Wasserman also offers a Mentor Network which allows you to get in touch with alumni who work in that field. This is a great way to find out more about the profession. You can always find out more about these resources by visiting the website or by calling Wasserman and scheduling an appointment with a career counselor.