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Lessons Learned: How to Network During the Holidays

Recently, Rachel Frint from the NYU Wasserman Center @ SCPS hosted a webinar on how to network during the holidays.  In case you missed it, here are some tips for how to build your network during the holiday season.

Job Seekers

If you are searching for a new job, there is no need to slow down your search during the holidays.  While some companies may slow their hiring during this time of year, not all of them do!  Some companies may hire seasonal employees, or they may be getting ready to post new opportunities at the beginning of the New Year.

Holiday Parties & Gatherings

Even though it is a busy time of year, try to make some effort to attend holiday events.  Networking around the holidays is often more informal, so a formal, professional pitch may not be appropriate at these events.  Avoid the “hard sell” during these events.  Also remember to exude the holiday spirit and be positive and happy in your conversations.  Don’t let any negative energy or anxiety about your job search influence your conversations.

Company Holiday Party

Attending your company’s holiday gathering is a great way to network with your colleagues and increase your internal visibility.  Make an effort to talk to people who you don’t know well or who you would like to work with more.  Be an active listener, ask good questions, and be present in your conversations with colleagues.

Family Gatherings

Don’t discount family members just because they don’t work in the exact field you want to get into; they may be able to connect you with people.  Talk about your skills and career goals with your family and ask for specific, reasonable requests.  Don’t ask them to help you get a job, but instead ask for an introduction, advice on your job or internship search, or advice on your resume.

Friend’s Party

These settings tend to be very casual, but you can still approach them strategically.  Instead of bouncing around talking to as many people as possible, focus more on building strong, lasting connections, or even rekindling connections with people you haven’t see in a while.  You can bring your business card with you, but leave your resume at home.

Home for the Holidays

If you are going home for the holidays, consider building connections with people in your hometown.  Schedule some meetings to re-kindle your relationship with some of your friends or former colleagues.  Do some research and find NYU alumni based in your hometown and schedule an informational interview.

Holiday Networking Follow Up

The holiday season is a good excuse to reach out to contacts you haven’t spoken to in a while.  Send a personalized “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year” email message to your professional contacts.

For anyone you meet over the holidays, be sure to send a follow up email right away, but save the job seeking conversation until after the New Year.  Also, remember to check in with your contacts a few months later so that you stay top of mind.

Meet with a Wasserman Career Counselor to discuss your specific strategy for networking during the holidays.

Student Veterans: Create a “Civilian Friendly” Resume and Cover Letter Language

In order to be competitive in the civilian job market it is important to adapt your military experience into civilian terms.  Being able to explain, and promote, your transferable skills can give you an advantage and help you secure the interview.  For help in doing so, you can meet with a Wasserman Career Counselor one-on-one or go to O*Net Online and click on “Crosswalk Search” to enter your military job code. This tool will convert your military assignment into a civilian occupation with key words to help you communicate your experience.

Here are some other cool tools to help you with the job search!


The American Legion http://www.legion.org/

The International Contractors Association http://www.icaonline.us/

The National Veterans Organization of America http://www.nvo.org/

The Society of American Military Engineers www.same.org/

The Student Veterans of America http://www.studentveterans.org/

Employment Opportunities & Information Internet Sites




















Overheard at Wass: Can I make an Appointment?

“Can I make an appointment?”

Absolutely!  So glad you asked!  This is one of our most popular requests.  We have a wonderful staff of career counselors who can assist you with everything from career exploration to resume critiques and interviewing tips.  For your convenience, we’ve moved to an online system, so now you can schedule an appointment with a career counselor through your CareerNet account.
**(Alumni who graduated more than 1 year ago should call 212-998-4730 to ask about appts.)**

Scheduling an appointment online is easy!  Here’s how:

1.  Log into CareerNet.

2.  On your homepage, click on the “Request a Counseling Appointment” link, located on the right hand side under “Shortcuts.”

3.  Select your location.

4.  Select all of the counselors’ names, or if there is a particular counselor with whom you would like to meet, you may choose just his or her name.

5.  Select a blue date from the calendar and choose a time.

6.  Type in your reason for the appointment (e.g. resume review, mock interview, career exploration) and click “Submit.”

You will receive an email saying that your appointment is “pending” and another email when the counselor has approved the appointment.  Please allow a couple of business days for the approval email to be sent.  Remember to write down the correct time, date, and location of your appointment and the name of the counselor.  On the day of your appointment, arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment time (10 minutes if you need to print your resume) and be sure to let the reception desk know that you have arrived!

Listed below are some related FAQs that may come in handy when scheduling an appointment.
As always, if you need extra assistance, you can call the reception desk at 212-998-4730 to speak with one of our staff members 🙂

Q:  What if I don’t have a CareerNet account?

A:  No worries!  Call the reception desk: 212-998-4730.  It’ll take just a minute.

Q:  What if I don’t have the “Request a Counseling Appointment” link?
A:  The link disappears temporarily if you already have an appointment scheduled.  To check if this is the case (or to cancel or reschedule your appointment), try this:  At the top of your CareerNet homepage, click on the “Calendar” tab.  Then click the “Counseling Appointment” tab.  Here you can view your upcoming appointment.  (If you are missing either of these tabs, call the reception desk: 212-998-4730)

Q:  How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
A:  We ask that you cancel or reschedule your appointment as early as possible so that other students may sign up for that appointment time.

Canceling/rescheduling an appointment that is more than 48 hours away:

At the top of your CareerNet homepage, click on the “Calendar” tab.  Then click

the “Counseling Appointment” tab.  Click “Cancel” or “Reschedule.”


Canceling/rescheduling an appointment that is less than 48 hours away:

Call the reception desk to let them know that you need to cancel: 212-998-4730

After your original appointment time has passed, the “Request a Counseling

Appointment” link will reappear on your homepage and you will be able to

schedule a new appointment.

Q:  I already have an appointment scheduled.  Can I schedule another one?
A:  You may only schedule one appointment at a time.  Once your current scheduled appointment time has passed, the “Request a Counseling Appointment” link will reappear on your homepage and you will be able to schedule a new appointment.  If you need to speak with a career counselor before your scheduled appointment, please come to our walk-in hours, offered Monday through Friday.

Q:  I already have an appointment scheduled.  Can I see if there are other times available?
A:  Sure!  If your appointment is more than 48 hours away, you can view other available appointment times by following the steps to reschedule your appointment (see above).  Clicking the “Reschedule” button does not cancel your current appointment time until you have submitted a request for a new appointment time.  **Remember:  You can only schedule one appointment at a time.  If you need immediate assistance, please come to our walk-in hours, offered Monday through Friday.

Q:  Can I schedule an appointment for today?
A:  Through the online system, appointments need to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.  If you need same-day assistance, we have walk-in hours every weekday at specific times: (link to walk-in hrs) Walk-in hours are 5-minute sessions for resume and cover letter critiques as well as quick career-related questions.

**If you are applying for jobs and would like to have a mock interview, please plan in advance and schedule a 30-minute appointment online.  Employers sometimes give as little as 1 day’s notice for interviews- don’t get stuck trying to schedule a last-minute mock interview! Remember:  Be prepared. Plan ahead.

Q:  Why can’t I click on any of the dates in the calendar?
A:  If none of the dates on the calendar are blue (i.e. all of the dates are gray), check to make sure you’ve chosen the correct location and that you’ve selected all of the counselors’ names in the boxes to the left of the calendar.  If you still cannot click on any dates, all of the appointments are booked and you should check back later.  A bit of insider information:  The counselors regularly add appointments to the calendar based on their availability.  If it looks like there aren’t any appointments all month, check again later to see if more have been added.  Also, you will not be able to view any appointments more than 28 days out.  So if it looks like there aren’t any available appointments for the next several months (or years), don’t panic!  Those appointments will appear as the dates draw near.

How to Tuesday: Introverts Guide to Networking

There’s no denying we live in a society that caters to extroverted individuals. You know the type – outgoing, gregarious, and not afraid to put him/herself out there. If you’re a wall flower, working a room and building a network is sometimes a daunting process. The Harvard Business Review had a great article that gives our introverted folks some insight into how they can network like a pro – or at least like an extrovert! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Remember, most people want to help. It’s a matter of you exuding the confidence and desire to ask for it, and to utilize these connections effectively that will make the difference in your career. We are here to help you create more strategies on effective networking! Feel free to make an appointment with a counselor to talk more about helpful networking tactics.

Seniority Rules: A CAS Senior’s Experience with Wasserman

Sharifunnesa Khanam

My name is Sharifunnesa Khanam. I am a senior in the College of Arts and Science at NYU. I have utilized the Wasserman Center for Career Development ever since I was a first-year student. During my freshman year, I attended some workshops. During my sophomore and junior years, I participated in the Diversity Internship & Career Preparation (D.I.C.P.) program. By participating in it, I learned more about networking with employers and even participated in mock interviews with some recruiters. I also went to seminars and presentations including one that taught us to create our own brand through 90-second pitches about ourselves. By going to Wasserman, I definitely learned a lot more about the professional world than I would have otherwise.

I think its very important for us as college students, especially nowadays, to be aware of how to handle ourselves when we network with employers or even attend an interview. Even if you’re in a pre-professional program and think you may not need to use Wasserman, these are still some great skills to learn while you’re still in college. Wasserman also offers career assessments if you’re unsure about your future career and want to know more about what types of jobs you might be fit for based on your personality. I would recommend taking one of those exams at some point. If you already know what career you would like to pursue, Wasserman also offers a Mentor Network which allows you to get in touch with alumni who work in that field. This is a great way to find out more about the profession. You can always find out more about these resources by visiting the website or by calling Wasserman and scheduling an appointment with a career counselor.

How to Tuesday: How to use the Wasserman Center


Happy Tuesday! No matter what stage you find yourself in your career development, it’s always good to have an idea of what we have going on here on the 2nd floor of Palladium. We think our Wassertube video sums things up nicely!


As always, feel free to find out more by scheduling an appointment, or by just swinging by for free coffee, or free use of our lovely computer lab (including printing!).