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In case you missed it: Day in the Life Social Diva

Did you miss Peg from Social Diva as she took over the @NYUWassEmployer twitter handle? Catch up with her day in the life of a Social Media Consultant by clicking on the logo below!

Want to learn how you can use social media to explore, discuss and advocate for your #socialidentities and #socialcauses? Let’s talk. Or blog. Or tweet. Interact with current media professionals to learn how social media can best be used to navigate and leverage the professional world, gain some career advice and hear about how diversity and identity has impacted their career paths. Lunch will be provided.

Join us next Tuesday, March 26th at 12:00 PM at Kimmel 914 for Making it in the Media: Women in the Media!

Please RSVP via cmep@nyu.edu.
Questions? Contact cmep@nyu.edu.

See how social media affects your job search in the video below!


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In case you missed it: Day in the Life Greencard Creative

Did you miss Greencard Creative on Wednesday? Miluska guest tweeted about her day in the life as an intern at the strategy and design company. Catch up with her Day in the Life by clicking on the logo below!

Would you like to inter for Greencard like Miluska? See their available job postings and apply on NYU CareerNet:

  • Brand Strategy Intern, click here.
  • Online Strategy Intern, click here.
  • PR Intern, click here.

To read more about their company, visit their website here.

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Employer Perspective: Gluttony LLC New York

A quick look at what you’ll learn at a boutique agency

Internships are a crucial way to ascertain whether your chosen career path is one you truly want to continue. Gluttony LLC New York, a small digital advertising, branding, and broadcasting firm, knows how invaluable their interns are. In fact, below are some ways they encourage their interns to make the most out of their time with them and beyond.

Speak up

Gluttony strives to have a team-oriented work environment. What this means is that every member is encouraged to contribute to the final whole and as a result, not only are you more likely to get your excellent work featured but, you’ll have already gained precious experience voicing your vision to a group. This is huge! When working in an ad firm, you have to get used to throwing out ideas even if you think they might be stinkers. There’s really no better way to gain this confidence than in a supportive environment made up of people who’ve gone through the exact same hurdle.

Show all your strengths, not just what’s on paper

While it’s not necessary to delve into the details of your non-academic related strengths, it is useful to know that you’re a well-rounded individual who can contribute in ways outside of the work you’re tasked with delivering. How you contribute, character-wise, is almost as important as the quality of your work. So, embrace what sets you apart and show it off! Besides, who knows when your unique skill set or knowledge might be needed and applauded?

Networking is key

Even if you don’t end up working in the place you’ve interned, the people you meet can be hugely consequential in helping you land your next job, and not just in the letter of recommendations they write. You’re surrounded by a wealth of knowledge, so ask questions. Find out who the major players in the industry are, learn how those around you have successfully parlayed their skills toward the jobs they have and, just as importantly, what influenced them to go for it in the first place. Be inquisitive. Plus, you never know who you’ll run into again in the future, (New York can feel like a small village at times!) so make a lasting impression on everyone you work with.

No job is too small

It’s not the job you do that defines you, but how you get it done. At a smaller agency, everyone ends up wearing many hats and, as an intern, you’ll surely be asked to engage in some less-than-glamorous assignments.  The approach you take with these tasks, the humor, tenacity and stamina, won’t go unnoticed. It’s how you accomplish these smaller jobs that you sets you apart.

Want to gain valuable experience as a Gluttony Intern?

Apply today for an internship at Gluttony New York through NYU CareerNet here!

Deadline: April 30th

In case you missed it: Day in the Life iCAP

Tuesday Jeanna, a Broking Intern at iCAP, guest tweeted about her day at the Soft Commodities desk. Check out her experience by clicking the logo below!

Want to gain valuable experience as an iCAP Intern like Jeanna?

ICAP is the world’s leading interdealer broker and provider of post trade risk and information services, matching buyers and sellers at the cutting edge of global financial markets.

iCAP is active in the wholesale markets for interest rates, credit, commodities, foreign exchange, emerging markets and equity derivatives – and have a huge role to play in the ongoing evolution of the global financial markets.

Apply today for the New York iCAP Industry Insight Program or the New York Summer Internship Program 2013 through NYU CareerNet!

Job IDs: 867354 and 867358
Deadline: February 24th

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In case you missed it: Day in the Life Bloomberg

Last week Bloomberg took over our @NYUWassEmployer. Check in with Justin, a Senior Software Developer, and see his tweets from the day by clicking the Bloomberg logo below!

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In case you missed it: Day in the Life TeachForAmerica

Did you miss TeachForAmerica as they took over @NYUWassEmployer? Olaniyi, a first year corps member, tweets about her day in California as a 12th grade History teacher. Click the logo below to see more:


Only 1 in 13 students from low-income communities will graduate from college. You can be a part of a movement to change this. Join fellow NYU alumni in the fight to ensure ALL students have a shot at the American Dream.

Teach For America enlists a diverse corps of leaders who commit to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools and become lifelong advocates in the effort to expand educational opportunity. Our teachers use their numerous skills and experiences from their varied work, leadership, and academic backgrounds to effect change in their classroom and help break the cycle of inequity that prevents students from fulfilling their potential. Full salary, benefits, transitional grants, and Americorps funding.

Sign up here to learn more or apply. The FINAL application deadline for the 2013 corps is Friday, February 15th.  


Mentor Network Spotlight: Kendra and Holley

Mentor Network Spotlight: Kendra

The Broadway League/The Tony Awards

Marketing Coordinator

College/University you attended:
NYU Gallatin

Individualized Major with a concentration in Theatre and Marketing

How did you find your job?
I had heard of the Broadway League through an internship I secured at Disney Theatrical Group. I googled the company and applied through their website. Eight months after I finished my semester-long internship with them and had graduated college, my former superviser e-mailed me saying they had an opening.

What’s the weirdest job you ever had?
I was interested in all aspects of marketing so I took a face-to-face marketing position as a promotional model for a liquor company. I gave out free samples of vodka and Bourbon in liquor stores far out in Brooklyn and Harlem. Most of my “customers” were not really interested in my marketing spiel on the brands of alcohol I was there to promote, but it was great interpersonal

What’s the best career advice you ever received?
Stay in touch! Many industries are smaller than you think and connections are immensely valuable. My social media habits and networking skills really came in handy when my current position became available and my former coworkers immediately thought of me for it.

What is the hardest interview question you’ve ever been asked? How did you answer it?
The hardest interview question for me has always been “Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?”. I have never had an idealistic occupational future in mind, but was fortunate enough to experience the helpful organic process of developing a path to my future through Gallatin. Fulfilling aspects of one course, job, or experience lead me to seek out those aspects in other areas. I have always answered this question with a description of my work situation or ideal industry, rather than a specific position. I let my interviewer know I want to be promoting what I love (theatre) in the most efficient environment possible, working for people I respect and aspire to be like and learn from.

What part of your college experience prepared you most for the real world?
The advisement I received throughout my undergraduate career was great practice for planning next steps for the rest of my life – practicing skills of communicating my individual issues and solutions was beneficial to most interactions I have in the workplace today. Additionally and of course, my internships in college taught me where real life applications for what I had learned in my courses would happen and how I could apply my personality and skill set to them.

If you could tell your college self one thing, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to ask for more help! Independence is a great quality to have, but the resource of a large and talented faculty ready and willing to help you on anything is incredibly valuable.


Mentor Network Spotlight: Holley


Thomson Reuters

Marketing Associate

College/University you attended:
College of Arts and Sciences

Double major in Economics & Social and Cultural Analysis

How did you find your job?
Thomson Reuters’ career portal. A friend had just gotten a job there (in a different division) and recommended that I apply. I applied not really thinking it would go anywhere, but here I am!

What’s the weirdest job you ever had?
For two weekends during my freshman year, I worked at a custom print T shirt stand in the flea market on Broadway and West 4th. Working a hot press
did not really play well to my skill set so I babysat instead.

What’s the best career advice you ever received?
Create your own job. I used to think that this just meant to be an entrepreneur, but what I am beginning to realize is that you can create your own job while working for someone else. All you have to do is play to your strengths and
create your own niche within your firm. In my office, I have effectively taken over our marketing automation software; not because I was assigned it, but because I enjoy working with the software and spent time learning more about it and helping others in the office. Showing others what you are good at and helping those who need extra help will open up opportunities for you to expand and effectively create your own role in the organization.

What is the hardest interview question you’ve ever been asked? How did you answer it?
The question that always gets me is “tell me about yourself.” I always have trouble with this; how can I explain myself in three minutes or less. I always try to tailor the answer for the job that I am looking for. If I’m interviewing for a marketing position, I’m going to talk about my communication skills, event production and promotion skills, a few of my professional triumphs, and my passion for social media. If I was applying for a project manager job, I could still talk about these things but give them a different spin; perhaps I discuss the events I have produced from a logistics point of view rather than the communications aspects I would emphasize in the marketing role. You have to look at yourself through the lens of the position – how do you fit the criteria the company is looking for?

What part of your college experience prepared you most for the real world?
NYU’s emphasis on internships and deep commitment to being part of the larger New York community were two things that helped me get ready for “real” life. NYU has amazing connections with firms that very few schools have and you should take advantage of them! Furthermore, New York is unique in that it is not dominated by one industry; arts, finance, publishing, journalism, film, tech, etc. are all able to call NYC home. This malleability gives students the opportunity
to pursue their interests through many industries to find what fits. Where else can you transition industries with such ease?

If you could tell your college self one thing, what would it be?
Enjoy the journey; your college experience lasts generally only four years (and it goes by so quickly). You have your entire life to work, so don’t forget to stop and enjoy where you are now. Study abroad, spend time with friends, learn, and figure out who you are and what you care about. You’ll always have time to think and readjust, but you will not have the opportunity to do it like you can in college.


In case you missed it: Day in the Life Atlantic Records

Thursday Blake tweeted about his day as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Atlantic Records. If you missed it, catch up with Blake’s day by clicking the logo below.

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In case you missed it: A Day in the Life NYU Stern and ABS Partners

Have you ever wonder what its like to work in Real Estate? Want to see what a day in the life is like? Catch up with Ash, an Associate in the Tech and Creative Division by clicking the logo below.

Don’t stop there. Curious to know what its like to be an upperclassman? Follow Kim, an NYUStern junior, through her busy schedule by clicking on the NYU Stern logo.

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In case you missed it: x2 Days in the Life Macy’s

Did you catch Lauren’s tweets on Wednesday from her day at Macy’s in Women’s Prestige Fragrance Division? What about Vinny on Thursday from his day in Macy’s Inventory Planning? Click on the logo below for a recap of both their days.

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