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Collaboration, Cooperation and Teamwork: One Teacher’s Experience At Success Academy

Every afternoon, after a long but satisfying day teaching third grade at Success Academy Bed-Stuy 2, Lizz Tetu sits down with five colleagues and her principal for their daily debrief. Each teacher comes with a pile of student work and identifies the concepts their scholars had struggled with that day – with the shared goal of finding better ways to present the challenging material.

This sort of teamwork, engagement, and support is a hallmark of Success Academy Charter Schools, where Lizz, a 2010 NYU graduate, has worked for five years – but has taught for only one semester. The support she receives from her fellow teachers and her principal is critical to her development as a professional. 

One example of that teamwork is the daily debrief. At one recent Monday meeting, Lizz and her colleagues realized they had a common roadblock — their students were having trouble finding the deeper meaning of a poem they had been assigned. Said Lizz,  “As a team, we looked ahead at the next day’s lesson and asked some tough questions – how could we approach the material differently to help scholars improve their poetry reading skills? We’re so used to troubleshooting comprehension issues that it took only about 15 minutes to create a concrete action plan that addressed the problem.”

This level of support from colleagues, and the constant feedback and encouragement Lizz receives from her principal, has enabled her to grow as a classroom teacher – a job that was not her first career choice.

After studying education theory and policy at NYU, Lizz decided not to go into teaching. Instead, she accepted a position on Success Academy’s school operations team — learning the business side of running a school and dealing with issues ranging from student health and enrollment processing to field trip coordination and communication with parents.

Later, Lizz transitioned to the Student Achievement Team, where she learned to evaluate student data, identify scholars in need of special education services, and solve schoolwide problems alongside other school leaders.

But after four years working at schools in Harlem and the Bronx, Lizz found herself “itching to get into the classroom.”

As a graduate of NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study — which encourages cross-disciplinary thinking — Lizz is adept at applying the lessons learned in one role to the challenges of the next.

“Having been a part of those teams has proven invaluable to the work I do as a teacher. I knew how to think critically about student work, but now I get to implement changes and problem-solve on my feet, in front of our scholars,” Lizz said.

Those critical thinking and problem solving skills are essential elements of quality teaching, as are support from school leaders and opportunities for professional advancement.  

“As I learn and grow as a teacher, I continue to receive support from my school principal, who meets with me and observes my teaching every week. Also, our schools all have weekly professional development sessions,” said Lizz. “I would encourage anyone who’s passionate about social justice and ready to learn to apply to Success Academy – there’s such a sense of teamwork here, and everyone shares the common goal of ensuring our scholars receive the best possible education.”

Recognized nationally for its innovative education reform efforts, Success Academy is a network of 32 New York City charter schools (and counting) that currently serves scholars in kindergarten through ninth grade. It counts among its faculty and staff a large number of New York University alumni. For more information about employment opportunities, visit www.SuccessCareers.org (and check out these documentaries: Waiting for Superman and The Lottery).

Lizz Tetu is a third grade teacher at Success Academy Bed-Stuy 2 in Brooklyn. She graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, where she studied education policy and music.  During her time at NYU, Lizz worked as a student ambassador for the NYU undergraduate admissions office and as an office assistant at the NYU Steinhardt Music Department. Lizz has spent the past five years working for Success Academy Charter Schools. She received her Master of Science in childhood education and special education from Touro College.

Interested in joining Lizz at Success Academy?  Apply for the Success Academy Summer 2015 Teaching Fellows Program here!

The Role of a Marketing Intern

Are you curious about marketing careers? Have you thought about the various roles that marketing managers and interns play in the day-to-day role of organizations? If so, you are in luck, because we recently spoke with Daniel Cathie, a Stern undergrad and Marketing Intern at Nan Fisher Entertainment.


Daniel Cathie

Talk a little bit about the specifics of your role in the marketing department

As a Marketing Intern, I have several different responsibilities. One aspect of my job is to develop effective social media content with our Outreach team. This includes analytics monitoring of our social media accounts and engaging our fans and followers on these channels. Occasionally, I will help create Business and Marketing plans with our CEO Nan Fisher. Regardless of your position at Nan Fisher Entertainment, there is never a dull moment- there is always something to do, or someone to help.

Tell us a bit about your role as an intern

“Hands-on” fails to describe the level of involvement the interns have here. Everyone’s opinions are valued, and the work we do has a tangible impact on the project. The small but comfortable atmosphere of the company lends itself to an open exchange of ideas and real responsibilities, which beats fetching coffee at a large company any day.

Describe the working atmosphere at Nan Fisher Entertainment

We all believe in the AAT Project and Nan Fisher, so working here has been a joy! Everyone is so supportive of each other, and I have made some great friends. If you want to have a truly interactive internship experience, I highly recommend landing a position at this company!

What is Nan Fisher Entertainment, and what we are working on now?

Nan Fisher Entertainment is a television production company based in Midtown Manhattan. Right now we are working on America’s Amazing Teens, or the AAT Project for short. The AAT Project is an online competition that will identify, mentor and manage exceptional teens whose discoveries will make a difference. We are one of the first online competitions that will provide a platform for young scientists, researchers, web developers, inventors, and entrepreneurs to help share their ideas with the world.

We are always looking for new interns and fresh ideas! If you’re interested in joining our team at Nan Fisher Entertainment, check out our job postings in NYU Wasserman’s CareerNet by searching for:

Reality Production Intern Job ID: 913408

Social Media Manager Job ID: 913275

Internship for Entrepreneurs Job ID: 896787

Internship for Graphic Designers Job ID: 896790

Copywriting Intern Job ID: 911690

Marketing Advertising Intern Job ID: 911687

Website Developer Intern Job ID: 911693

“Incredibly Challenging, Incredibly Rewarding”: Profile of a Teacher at Success Academy

Six weeks into the start of the current school year, Corey Inslee, a second-grade teacher and NYU alumnus, received heart-stopping news: a student in his class had been hit by a car and was in the hospital with serious injuries. Corey had taught the student the year before and knew him and his family well. For a week, he visited him every day after school. “It was devastating to see him suffering,” Inslee says. “But it did give me a chance to witness something amazing.”

That amazing thing was the rest of his class expressing overwhelming empathy for their classmate. “They asked what they could do for him,” Inslee says. “They wanted to visit him. They picked out books from the class library that they thought he would like. They made him cards.” When the student finally returned to school six weeks after his accident, a giant scar stretching from the top of his head to his jaw, his fellow students organized a surprise welcome-back party for him. “They truly celebrated him,” says Corey. “No one asked him about his scar. They made him feel so good — you could see it. That was a high point in my teaching career. Academics are important, and my students perform at incredible levels, but when you see kids genuinely and openly caring about each other — that’s when you know you’re doing something right.”

Corey didn’t always know he wanted to teach, though adolescent experiences as a baseball camp counselor on his native Long Island, New York, led him to want to work with children. He enrolled at New York University with a major in sports management and quickly realized he was more interested in the development of young athletes than in the business classes he was taking. During his sophomore year, he switched to an education major. A couple years later, an NYU alum who worked at Success Academy came to talk to soon-to-be graduates about the organization. “I was intrigued,” Inslee says. “I appreciated their mission.”

To land the job, Corey had to show just how passionate he was about that mission — how much he cared about helping to develop the social, emotional, and intellectual characters of mostly underprivileged kids. He also had to demonstrate his commitment to growing as a teacher; at Success Academies, teachers consider themselves professionals who continually seek to improve their practice and who hold the bar as high for themselves as they do for their students. They don’t choose a teaching career because they get their summers off — they choose it because they want to provide opportunities for children to become the best human beings they can be. “That’s the real work,” Corey says. “And to do that you have to try to be the best human being you can be. It’s incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding.”

Recognized nationally for its innovative education reform efforts, Success Academy is a network of 22 New York City charter schools (and counting!) that serve Kindergarten through 8th grade, with a new high school opening in the fall. It employs a large number of New York University alumni. “I would encourage anyone who is passionate about educating kids to apply to Success,” says Corey Inslee, a second-grade teacher and NYU alumnus. “With the amount of professional development we receive and the rare chance for even a novice to start as an Associate Teacher, you have a huge opportunity to grow here.” For more information about employment opportunities, visit www.SuccessCareers.org (and check out these documentaries: Waiting for Superman and The Lottery).

Apply now on NYU CareerNet, Job IDs: 911554, 918666, 910184, 911820, 910215, 911554, 917348, 919316, 918579, 914996, 919632, 916063, 919717, 916062, 915777, 916362, 911081, 914994, 915542

In Case You Missed It: Day in the Life at Nielsen

Did you miss Danielle’s day in the life as an @Nielsen analyst? If so, click on the logo below for a recap.

Sound like a place that you’d like to work? Check out their Professional Services Analyst roles (CareerNet Job ID #914779) – but hurry, the deadline is Feb 9th.


Stand Out and Make a Connection at the Spring Engineering and Technology Career Fair

Stand Out:

Be ready to talk about your interests and abilities in relevance to what the company does. This helps potential employers get a feel of who you are, what you can do and what you are willing to learn. Mention your previous experience, if any, or any related background experience. This helps companies identify you as a possible candidate for an internship or full time hire. We want to meet you!

What is your specific area of interest or specialization within your major?

For instance, you might be majoring in Computer Science and Engineering or Information Systems, but it is helpful to be specific about your particular area of interest, which might be Programming, Networking, Internet Security, Data Mining and so forth. Of course, you may be open to all and willing to adapt to any specialization, but speaking about your particular interest/forte gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, and lets us know more about you.

Do you have an area in your field you are passionate about?

To be willing to learn and adapt is one thing, but your passion for something is different. If you have the chance, definitely communicate on your core values or something that you are very passionate about.

What are any specific credentials you possess? Have you received a scholarship or award?

Regardless of your resume, a student who is a good communicator will go far in standing out among the crowd.

Make a Connection:

Be ready to talk about why you are interested in a particular company.

Research the companies that interest you. Visit their websites!

We invite you to visit our website: www.veusoft.com to get a full understanding of our services at Veusoft.

Ask smart questions, and point out specific interests within the company.

If you already know what a company does before you approach the booth, you’ll be in a position to express interest in their specific services, and ask the types of questions that will help you decide whether the company would be a good fit. This allows the employer to make a connection with you, and lets them see that you are truly interested in joining their team.

Veusoft is a Fully Managed IT Service that specializes in Networking and Infrastructure, Storage Management, Virtualization and Cloud Computing. We are looking for candidates from Computer Science or Telecommunications backgrounds with interests in the field of services that we provide, as well as students who are interested in long-term employment after internship or training opportunities. Be sure to visit our booth this Thursday at the Engineering & Technology Spring Career Fair at NYU-Poly!

Wasserman Center for Career Development Kicks Off Fall Recruiting Season with Yahoo! Tech Talk

Fall Recruiting season has kicked off! Click here to read about NYU-Poly’s Tech Talk, titled “Data Eco-System and Challenges”.

A Guide to Working Freelance

A Guide to Working Freelance

In addition to internships, traditional full and part-time jobs, and work study, freelance offers students another great work option. Working freelance means you work for yourself and are not committed to just one employer. Most jobs are either compensated on an hourly basis or at a fixed price agreed upon between you and your client. Some examples of freelance jobs are graphic design, writing assignments, web development, tutoring, and much more.

Benefits of freelancing include:

  • You work your own hours and are your own boss. As a student, you already have a demanding schedule so taking on freelance work gives you flexibility.
  • Build up a portfolio and gain work experience. Since you are working per job, you have the opportunity to take on different projects which allow you to build a more diverse resume than you would have working a single job.
  • Expand your employer contacts and develop important working relationships. Start with one freelance job, and then move to another. Soon you will see your clients referring you to more potential clients. You can continue working freelance full-time upon graduation or use the contacts you make to become fully employed.

How to get started:

Visit StudentFreelance.com and click the Start Working button. Once there, use your school email address to sign up (this is to keep freelancers strictly students). After confirming your email, you will have a chance to fill out your profile. This is where you can tell potential clients about yourself. Make sure to include a tag line about the services you can offer clients and a description going into more detail. Adding your portfolio or work samples, if applicable, is also something that can help you get hired.

Happy freelancing!

NYU Wasserman partners with Qnary

Qnary is proud to announce a strategic partnership with NYU’s Wasserman Center. Qnary helps individuals optimize, monitor, and manage their digital footprints. Qnary’s cutting-edge, cloud-based technology solution aggregates, categorizes, and displays publicly available online information to provide a complete view of individuals’ digital footprints. It also produces step-by-step recommendations that help individuals manage and enhance their online presence. Qnary believes that with an improved online identity, we can help you achieve goals like getting a job, launching a business, or becoming known as a thought leader.

People turn to the web to find personal or professional information about others. They may be Googling a potential boss, looking up a date’s Facebook page, or reading a favorite comedian’s Twitter account.

If you’ve found Qnary thanks to the Wasserman Center, you’re probably looking for an internship, job, or new career. You may be wondering if your online presence matters during the career search. It does.

Your online presence, also known as a digital footprint, is a compilation of all of the publicly available information on the Internet.

If you’re looking for a job, your recruiter has probably seen at least one of your social profiles. According to Jobvite, 86% of recruiters check a candidate’s social media profiles. In 2007, 83% of recruiters used search engines to learn more about job candidates, according to ExecuNet. And, if they didn’t like what they saw, you missed out. A Reppler study showed that 69% have rejected applications based on what they found online.

Those who are looking for senior-level positions don’t have it any easier. A different ExecuNet study showed that most executives (76%) expect companies and recruiters to search for them online when they are applying for a job  — even if they are part of the 22% that has never checked search engines to see which personal or professional information could be uncovered.

Executives who are more Internet savvy, about 11%, fear that the online information that is uncovered could cost them a job. Twenty percent of those surveyed have taken proactive measures to increase the number of positive search results that are found when their names are search.

Working with Qnary (www.qnary.com) is one proactive measure to improve search results that anyone can take. Qnary, a digital identity optimization and reputation management platform, helps individuals see, optimize, and benefit from their public information. The platform gives individuals a deep view of all of the digital information that is publicly available about them.

Unlike some companies that focus on crisis management, Qnary makes good people look great. It provides tips and tools to help the individual build more robust social network profiles and improve search results. Some content sharing tips are embedded as well, allowing Qnary users to create unique, consistent online presences.

There are also individual consultants who can work with professionals to help them achieve their goals. Consultants can be reached at sales@qnary.com.

Wondering what it’s like to work at Qnary, a company that combines technology and expert knowledge to improve their client’s digital footprints? Virtually shadow Lauren, a Marketing Manager, and Amber, a Marketing Lead, as they live tweet their workday!

Follow us on Twitter @NYUWassEmployer for tweets on a day-in-the-life of employees at different organizations. A professional will take over our account for the day and give you live updates about the projects they work on, meetings they attend, and the culture of their office.

Participate in Universum’s Ideal Employer Research

Just two weeks left to voice your opinions about top employers on campus!


New York University has received an exclusive invitation for its students to participate in a study about the career goals, expectations and ideal employers of top college students. Your response, while anonymous, will assist over 1,200 employers who are actively recruiting or who are interested in recruiting students for internships and full time employment on our campus.


Participation in the study is by invitation only and fewer than 10% of universities nationwide are asked to participate in the study.


Top companies, including many that recruit New York University students, base their recruiting strategies on Universum’s research so it will truly benefit you and your peers on campus to share your opinions on recruiting and employers. Companies will only see the collective results, and your participation/identity will be kept confidential.

By completing this 10-15 minute survey, you will help to increase the visibility and marketability of NYU students to employers who recruit our students. It also helps our career center better understand what you are looking for in a career because Universum provides us with a detailed report.  Don’t worry though, your individual responses will be kept anonymous and no personal information will be collected.

In appreciation for your time you will receive two free WetFeet Insider Guides of your choice (over 50 titles to choose from), access to a library of career webinars and $25 off your next flight among other incentives.

All respondents are also entered into the Universum 2013 Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $1,500 Scholarship.

Take the survey now at:

Deadline: March 23rd

Food for Thought: Career Paths in Food and Agriculture

The Food Movement has finally arrived. Across the United States and around the world, key sectors in our food system are witnessing unprecedented advancements, creating new jobs, and bringing critical issues to the forefront of public debate. Have you considered a career in this growing industry?

Jobs take root at the local level. The farmers’ market is the new town square, and local food systems have never been stronger. On-farm jobs have diversified and expanded to meet increasing demand for local and specialty crops, especially with Organics and non-GMOs. Other opportunities focus on construction, information technology, or telecommunications in the context of rural development. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs in urban areas are addressing problems with hunger and nutrition, access to fresh fruits and vegetables, water management, waste disposal, and countless other concerns for the 21st Century.

Global trade makes for global careers. National governments engage one another through environmental and food safety standards, agricultural subsidies and tariffs, food aid, and much more. At the same time, multinational corporations shape supply chains while religious and charitable organizations carry out disaster relief and international development projects. Many of the most exciting jobs in our food system are just emerging from these global networks, and manifesting as new opportunities at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

We must work at all levels to realize sustainable change. FoodPolicy.us is a multimedia platform designed to foster a broad-based dialogue about our food system in the hopes of creating a united front for change. We offer a space for people from diverse perspectives to address the challenges we face in making our food healthier and our production and distribution systems more sustainable. From our Washington, DC headquarters, we work to bridge the gaps between local innovators, national leaders, and international policymakers. We hope you will help us to grow this movement.

For more, follow FoodPolicy @FoodPolicyUs and on their Facebook.

Join the movement! Apply to be a Blogger & Social Media Intern for FoodPolicy.us.

FoodPolicy.us is seeking a team of up to four undergraduate interns for the spring semester to help maintain its blog, and to grow its audience through social media and campus outreach. Interns will spend the majority of their time researching and writing blog posts about pertinent news in the food and agriculture sectors; this may include coverage of local events such as panel discussions, political rallies, congressional briefings, and pop-up restaurants.

Apply now NYU CareerNet!

Job ID: 884884