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A day in the life at Cognolink

By: Aris, Senior Research Associate, NYU Alumnus 2012

Aris graduated from New York University in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in Economics. During his time at NYU, he interned at several financial services companies, including, Merrill Lynch. Upon graduating Aris was looking for a dynamic opportunity for recent graduates and decided to join Cognolink, which is a Primary Research firm. Aris has worked at Cognolink for two years and is now a Senior Research Associate.

Upon graduating from NYU, I was looking for a dynamic position that would offer me exposure to a variety of industries including Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industrials, healthcare, defense and financial services. I was also looking for a company that had tremendous growth opportunities, a lean management structure and a collegial, cultural environment. Cognolink embodies and epitomizes all these qualities. I started with Cognolink two years ago when the New York office was still in its initial start-up phase.  Immediately after joining the Firm, I realized that this is a company that encourages its employees to actively contribute and have a direct impact on the business- both in client services and firm development. Throughout all levels of the organization employees are expected to be heavily engaged and grow the enterprise.

To give you a brief overview of Cognolink- our clients are typically buy-side companies, such as hedge funds and private equity firms, but we also work with management consultancies. As a Research Analyst, a typical day starts with a scan of overnight communication from our clients – we are always looking out for urgent project requests. A client will typically approach the Firm with a project when they are interested in learning more about a niche topic in a specific industry.

For example, a client may be interested in learning more about the railcar manufacturing industry – companies that build tank cars for crude by rail. First, it is important for the Research Analyst to execute background macro research on the topic in order to develop an understanding of why the client is looking at this particular sector.  After extensively reviewing research reports, news highlights, and company presentations, the Analyst discovers that there have been some high profile derailments over the last year; as a result, Canadian and US regulators have heavily focused on the growth of the industry and are considering introducing new tank car design regulations. This will in turn negatively impact a railcar manufacturer’s bottom line. Once the Analyst understands the context for a project, the major players in the space and the unique structure of the value chain, he/she will begin to source and recruit industry experts who are best suited to comment on the topic at hand. A pivotal responsibility for an Analyst is to speak with industry experts over the phone, investigate and gain a clear understanding of their background and experience, while ultimately determining if the expert can provide the right insight and knowledge that will assist the client. After a thorough review, the Analyst coordinates a consultation appointment between our client and the industry expert.

As Research Analyst at Cognolink, recent graduates will have many opportunities to speak with CEOs, CFOs and Board Executives across a variety of industries and time zones every day. This unique experience enables an Analyst to develop a holistic view of all industries across the globe. From Day 1 you will realize that Cognolink believes their employees are their strongest asset.   To learn more about the Research Analyst position visit: http://careers.cognolink.com/usa

Want to Learn more about Cognolink? They will be taking over the employer twitter account on October 9th! IF you’d like to meet them in person, they will be a panelist in the What’s Next Economics event on Sept 23rd. RSvp here!

Student Perspective: ICAP’s Summer Internship Program

I initially applied to ICAP’s summer internship program after hearing about the company from a close friend, as well as people in related industries.

My main interest was to secure a client-facing role within a financial services organization after graduation. I wanted to work for an organization that was both innovative and imparted responsibility upon young employees; both of which I had been informed was possible at ICAP. After rotating on several desks in both Global Broking and Electronic Markets during my summer internship, I was offered and accepted a role within EBS, which is an electronic foreign exchange platform. This was a Junior Account Executive role, with responsibility for an account, as well as dealing with all of the clients’ needs from a trading perspective. Typically this involves client visits to demonstrate new trading functionality on the platform, building relationships with everyone from the manual traders on the desk, to the e-commerce teams and the billing department. Essentially, anything that the client needs or has queries about, we take care of. This ensures that the role is diverse. Each day is different.

At the beginning of the graduate program we were on a 3 week training program which covered a multitude of different financial products. This training was vital in providing the breadth and depth of knowledge across asset classes; knowledge that is becoming increasingly important where electronic platforms are operating as multi-product services. Having access to the learning material via an online portal has also been a great help, particularly when wanting to brush up on products which are emerging into my daily role and products that will be more prominent in the future. Continuous training has also been provided on softer skills, which has been very helpful in managing my personal brand.

I have been very fortunate to be given a significant amount of responsibility at a very early stage. Today, 12 months after joining the graduate scheme, I now have multiple accounts that I manage across many cities including Moscow and Amsterdam, to name a few. Being able to travel to those places is one of the aspects that I enjoy the most about my role. The variety of learning about new markets, the politics that is linked to them, and the culture of each city, is a great experience which really expands your knowledge and perspective in general. Many challenges also arise when this much responsibility is given. Firstly, managing to juggle all the tasks that need to be completed as well as maintaining relationships in multiple countries at the same time is pretty difficult; especially when you’re travelling with work to Moscow, and still dealing with queries back in London. However, this is what makes the role multi-faceted and ensures greater personal development.

ICAP is a pretty unique company. Within its umbrella there are many companies where each desk / product is exciting in different ways. Having this choice is great, as the graduate recruitment team helps to match up graduates with the personalities of each desk, to ensure a good fit. I’m glad I made the choice to join ICAP’s team; my experience has been better than I could have anticipated it would be.

To find out more about ICAP, the kind of people we’re looking for, and to apply, visit www.icapcampusrecruitment.com.

Student Perspectives: The 5 “Do’s” at the NYU Career Fair

Aziza Sultan is a current NYU student in a joint CAS/GSAS program. She is studying politics for her Bachelor’s degree and concentrating on political economy for her Master’s.

Do Dress the Part

When you go to a career fair, it is the beginning of a conversation that you are going to be having with a potential internship or employment opportunity. This first impression is important and it’s crucial that you put forward that you are professional. It’s imperative to take care of your appearance because you can easily prepare to look professional, to ensure that you aren’t judged on that, but rather on the rest of your package. Don’t let something you can easily control be a reason a firm you want to work for doubts you.

Do Have Copies of Your Resume Available (and a 30/60 Second Run Through Prepared)

Always have double the resumes you think you’ll need on hand. Have them out, and readily available to give to recruiters.

The nature of the career fair is that certain tables will have more of a line than others. It’s important to be able to distinguish which are the more competitive tables to navigate and which are easier to access. Ones that are easier to access will give you more ability to engage in more detailed conversation, so for those tables you can speak to the recruiter or people at that table for a longer period of time. Other tables will have more interested students. Thus, it’s important to have two types of “walk-throughs” of your resume and overall package. For shorter conversations, a 30 second presentment of yourself will do, while longer conversations can be up to around 60 seconds before a back and forth short question and answer.

Seek to Speak to Employers of Interest First

The nature of the career fair is that time is limited, so make sure that you go to tables you know you are interested in first, and save companies you want to explore for later.

Part of this strategy is going to be having done prior research on firms that will be present at the fair. A useful application to download is “NYU Career Fair Plus” on your Android or iPhone. It will have a list of all employers who are going to be at the fair. If you want to be prepared and hit the ground running, download the application and learn in depth about every single firm you’re interested in that will be present.

Do Be Yourself

Don’t try to fit into a bubble of what you expect the recruiter will like. Recruiters are people, not robots who just sort between good fits and bad fits for positions. Be confident and know that it is part of the recruiter’s goal to find smart, competent and easy to work with people to work for their firm (given that they are otherwise good fits for the position).  I’ve seen people be incredibly aggressive with recruiters to prove that they are go-getters. That’s not a good way to be, because no one wants to work with people who are abrasive as a means of showing their competence or ability to do well.

Do Only Go After Positions That are Genuinely of Interest to You

I say this because I really think people waste time and energy going after internships and employment they don’t really care to have. This is not only a waste of your own resources but of many people’s. It’s obvious to a potential employer when you are going after something only because you think it will be glamorous, pays well, or is what your friends are doing. At the end of the day, you’ll have to step into and out of an office every single day for the duration of your internship or employment. Where you work, whether you want to work there, and whether or not it’s a good fit for you will impact every part of your life – so make an educated choice. Know the firm and the work you will be doing, know yourself and seek to add the most value to both.


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Sound like a place you’d like to work? Apply for their openings on CareerNet: Job ID 933098.

Employer Insights: What to Look for When You’re Looking

By Lisa Ganz

When I graduated from Vanderbilt in May 2013, I took a job in finance. It was a job I had basically signed on the dotted line for two years before when I was just 20 years old and received an internship offer at that company. The summer internship program was a feeder into a full-time job, and I was grateful to be gainfully employed 18 months before I was due to graduate. At the time, I remember thinking, “Wow, how could I turn this great opportunity down? What more could I ask for?”

When I found myself unhappy after a few months at that job and began actively looking for a new role, I had a much clearer understanding of what I wanted and went about my job search process in totally different way than I had a few years earlier. This time around, I was looking to jumpstart my career I wasn’t just looking for a job and looking for the following things helped me find that at AlphaSights.

1. A company that is disrupting an industry. It’s exciting to work for a company that is impacting human progress and has a unique business model that is different from any of its competitors. Every day at AlphaSights, I feel like I’m a part of something that is going to be huge, and the work I do empowers me.

2. People you want to work with. Work for a company that employs people you respect and who respect you, and one where you’ll be surrounded by people who challenge you to think. At AlphaSights, you build genuine relationships beyond just colleagues and it makes every day fun.

3. The company puts its people, not its bottom line, first. Happy employees lead to greater productivity and retention, which inadvertently leads to greater profit! So many companies I’ve worked for have lost sight of this simple fact. A paycheck can only go so far; look for a company where the leaders genuinely care about their employees’ wellbeing.

4. It fits your personality. Taking a job is a lot about fit. An employee sinking or swimming is often directly connected to whether the company is the right place for them. What is the office environment? Is it rara and collaborative, or more of an individualist mentality? Figure out what type of culture you want to be a part of.

5. You’re excited about the work. At AlphaSights, there aren’t enough hours in the day for all I need to get done, and I’m excited in the morning when I wake up to go to work. The work is stimulating and challenging. I drive my own projects and ideas, and I’m excited about what AlphaSights does at its core. We’re impacting human progress and spreading access to knowledge worldwide. Pretty cool, eh?

6. The company will help you grow professionally. Look for a company that invests in the growth of its people and gives them the skills to grow into management roles, or start their own companies. I learn something every day at AlphaSights. If I go on to do something else one day, I’m confident that I will be equipped with the skills to be successful in whatever I choose, and that’s due to AlphaSights’ investment in my growth.

7. Mobility both vertical and horizontal is promoted. Aim to work somewhere that promotes based on merit, and that encourages you to explore opportunities within the company. It’s not just about growing upwards; it’s also about growing into different roles where you can flex your skills sets.

8. Brings satisfaction. Working at AlphaSights has made both my professional and personal life fuller. We have merit bonuses and promotions; additionally, we have a quarterly awards ceremony to recognize people for different things, like being a great coach or being innovative.

It’s always motivating to reap the benefits of hard work.

9. Brings balance to life. Work should not only be challenging, but it should be fun. You want to work somewhere that respects your work life balance. At the end of the day, family and friends always come first. Life is too short to spend all your time behind a desk. Make sure your company lets you enjoy the ride too.

If the above matches what you’re looking for at your next employer, check out a career at AlphaSights! Get more info and apply to jobs by checking out the below!

Blog: blog.alphasights.com

Instagram: AlphaSightsUS

Facebook: AlphaSightsUS

Twitter: AlphaSightsUS

Website: alphasights.com/careers

Tuesday, September 16 – Seniors: Deadline to Apply to 2015 Entry Level Analyst Role

Want to meet with AlphaSights? They will be at the NYU Career Fair on Thursday, September 4th.  Make sure to check out AlphaSights and our other pt/ft employers. RSVP Today!


Fall Job & Internship Fair

Thursday September 4, 2014 11am – 3pm | NYU Kimmel Center
NYU students from all majors are invited to attend our largest fair of the year to explore part-time, full-time and internship opportunities. Meet with employers and learn more about both domestic and international positions.

Engineering & Technology Fall Fair

Thursday, September 18, 2014 11am – 3pm | NYU Brooklyn Campus, Jacobs Gymnasium
NYU students are invited to attend this fair to meet with a large number of employers from diverse industries. Explore full-time, part-time and internship opportunities in fields including Engineering, Computer Hardware/Software, Technology, Science, Management, and Digital Media among others.

Profile of an OCR Success Story


On Campus Recruitment

Name: Manasa Reddy
School: NYU Stern
Full-time Job: Corporate Banking Analyst at Lloyds Bank
Industry: Banking

Best part about using OCR: Meeting with the company multiples times in order for you to get to know the company as well as the other way around.
What every student should know about OCR: You can study abroad for three semesters like I did and still be able to access OCR when you come back and be just as competitive.
OCR survival tip: Take advantage of the information sessions and be sure to schedule your interview immediately.

On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) is one of the many ways for NYU juniors, seniors, and graduate students to discover job and internship opportunities. Through OCR, employers come to the  Wasserman Center to interview students. To obtain access to OCR, you must attend both a mandatory OCR Orientation and an Acing the Interview seminar (find upcoming dates and times on NYU CareerNet–> Seminars). After doing so, you will be able to view, apply to, and schedule interviews for OCR positions through the Jobs tab of your NYU CareerNet account. Learn more about OCR here.

On Campus Recruitment

The Role of a Marketing Intern

Are you curious about marketing careers? Have you thought about the various roles that marketing managers and interns play in the day-to-day role of organizations? If so, you are in luck, because we recently spoke with Daniel Cathie, a Stern undergrad and Marketing Intern at Nan Fisher Entertainment.


Daniel Cathie

Talk a little bit about the specifics of your role in the marketing department

As a Marketing Intern, I have several different responsibilities. One aspect of my job is to develop effective social media content with our Outreach team. This includes analytics monitoring of our social media accounts and engaging our fans and followers on these channels. Occasionally, I will help create Business and Marketing plans with our CEO Nan Fisher. Regardless of your position at Nan Fisher Entertainment, there is never a dull moment- there is always something to do, or someone to help.

Tell us a bit about your role as an intern

“Hands-on” fails to describe the level of involvement the interns have here. Everyone’s opinions are valued, and the work we do has a tangible impact on the project. The small but comfortable atmosphere of the company lends itself to an open exchange of ideas and real responsibilities, which beats fetching coffee at a large company any day.

Describe the working atmosphere at Nan Fisher Entertainment

We all believe in the AAT Project and Nan Fisher, so working here has been a joy! Everyone is so supportive of each other, and I have made some great friends. If you want to have a truly interactive internship experience, I highly recommend landing a position at this company!

What is Nan Fisher Entertainment, and what we are working on now?

Nan Fisher Entertainment is a television production company based in Midtown Manhattan. Right now we are working on America’s Amazing Teens, or the AAT Project for short. The AAT Project is an online competition that will identify, mentor and manage exceptional teens whose discoveries will make a difference. We are one of the first online competitions that will provide a platform for young scientists, researchers, web developers, inventors, and entrepreneurs to help share their ideas with the world.

We are always looking for new interns and fresh ideas! If you’re interested in joining our team at Nan Fisher Entertainment, check out our job postings in NYU Wasserman’s CareerNet by searching for:

Reality Production Intern Job ID: 913408

Social Media Manager Job ID: 913275

Internship for Entrepreneurs Job ID: 896787

Internship for Graphic Designers Job ID: 896790

Copywriting Intern Job ID: 911690

Marketing Advertising Intern Job ID: 911687

Website Developer Intern Job ID: 911693

“Incredibly Challenging, Incredibly Rewarding”: Profile of a Teacher at Success Academy

Six weeks into the start of the current school year, Corey Inslee, a second-grade teacher and NYU alumnus, received heart-stopping news: a student in his class had been hit by a car and was in the hospital with serious injuries. Corey had taught the student the year before and knew him and his family well. For a week, he visited him every day after school. “It was devastating to see him suffering,” Inslee says. “But it did give me a chance to witness something amazing.”

That amazing thing was the rest of his class expressing overwhelming empathy for their classmate. “They asked what they could do for him,” Inslee says. “They wanted to visit him. They picked out books from the class library that they thought he would like. They made him cards.” When the student finally returned to school six weeks after his accident, a giant scar stretching from the top of his head to his jaw, his fellow students organized a surprise welcome-back party for him. “They truly celebrated him,” says Corey. “No one asked him about his scar. They made him feel so good — you could see it. That was a high point in my teaching career. Academics are important, and my students perform at incredible levels, but when you see kids genuinely and openly caring about each other — that’s when you know you’re doing something right.”

Corey didn’t always know he wanted to teach, though adolescent experiences as a baseball camp counselor on his native Long Island, New York, led him to want to work with children. He enrolled at New York University with a major in sports management and quickly realized he was more interested in the development of young athletes than in the business classes he was taking. During his sophomore year, he switched to an education major. A couple years later, an NYU alum who worked at Success Academy came to talk to soon-to-be graduates about the organization. “I was intrigued,” Inslee says. “I appreciated their mission.”

To land the job, Corey had to show just how passionate he was about that mission — how much he cared about helping to develop the social, emotional, and intellectual characters of mostly underprivileged kids. He also had to demonstrate his commitment to growing as a teacher; at Success Academies, teachers consider themselves professionals who continually seek to improve their practice and who hold the bar as high for themselves as they do for their students. They don’t choose a teaching career because they get their summers off — they choose it because they want to provide opportunities for children to become the best human beings they can be. “That’s the real work,” Corey says. “And to do that you have to try to be the best human being you can be. It’s incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding.”

Recognized nationally for its innovative education reform efforts, Success Academy is a network of 22 New York City charter schools (and counting!) that serve Kindergarten through 8th grade, with a new high school opening in the fall. It employs a large number of New York University alumni. “I would encourage anyone who is passionate about educating kids to apply to Success,” says Corey Inslee, a second-grade teacher and NYU alumnus. “With the amount of professional development we receive and the rare chance for even a novice to start as an Associate Teacher, you have a huge opportunity to grow here.” For more information about employment opportunities, visit www.SuccessCareers.org (and check out these documentaries: Waiting for Superman and The Lottery).

Apply now on NYU CareerNet, Job IDs: 911554, 918666, 910184, 911820, 910215, 911554, 917348, 919316, 918579, 914996, 919632, 916063, 919717, 916062, 915777, 916362, 911081, 914994, 915542

In Case You Missed It: Day in the Life at Nielsen

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Sound like a place that you’d like to work? Check out their Professional Services Analyst roles (CareerNet Job ID #914779) – but hurry, the deadline is Feb 9th.


Stand Out and Make a Connection at the Spring Engineering and Technology Career Fair

Stand Out:

Be ready to talk about your interests and abilities in relevance to what the company does. This helps potential employers get a feel of who you are, what you can do and what you are willing to learn. Mention your previous experience, if any, or any related background experience. This helps companies identify you as a possible candidate for an internship or full time hire. We want to meet you!

What is your specific area of interest or specialization within your major?

For instance, you might be majoring in Computer Science and Engineering or Information Systems, but it is helpful to be specific about your particular area of interest, which might be Programming, Networking, Internet Security, Data Mining and so forth. Of course, you may be open to all and willing to adapt to any specialization, but speaking about your particular interest/forte gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, and lets us know more about you.

Do you have an area in your field you are passionate about?

To be willing to learn and adapt is one thing, but your passion for something is different. If you have the chance, definitely communicate on your core values or something that you are very passionate about.

What are any specific credentials you possess? Have you received a scholarship or award?

Regardless of your resume, a student who is a good communicator will go far in standing out among the crowd.

Make a Connection:

Be ready to talk about why you are interested in a particular company.

Research the companies that interest you. Visit their websites!

We invite you to visit our website: www.veusoft.com to get a full understanding of our services at Veusoft.

Ask smart questions, and point out specific interests within the company.

If you already know what a company does before you approach the booth, you’ll be in a position to express interest in their specific services, and ask the types of questions that will help you decide whether the company would be a good fit. This allows the employer to make a connection with you, and lets them see that you are truly interested in joining their team.

Veusoft is a Fully Managed IT Service that specializes in Networking and Infrastructure, Storage Management, Virtualization and Cloud Computing. We are looking for candidates from Computer Science or Telecommunications backgrounds with interests in the field of services that we provide, as well as students who are interested in long-term employment after internship or training opportunities. Be sure to visit our booth this Thursday at the Engineering & Technology Spring Career Fair at NYU-Poly!