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Careers in Engineering

Careers in Engineering

“We need engineers with basic skills, but we also need engineers, but…we are also looking for engineers who can work across borders, and understand a foreign culture and language. That will be an even greater asset to any engineer to have those types of skills.” — John E. Goossen, vice president, Innovation Hub and SMR Development, Westinghouse Electric Company

The Engineering industry deals primarily with construction, design, manufacture, planning, and operation of structures, machines and devices. Its sectors include, but are not limited to:

“It actually has never been a better time to be an engineer. Engineers are core and central to innovation and improving the quality of life in this country and the world…it’s going to be engineers who create an environment that we can all live on this planet and share resources in an effective and meaningful way.” Thomas G. Loughlin, Executive Director of ASME

Engineering is one of the fastest growing, highest-paid career paths for professionals. Many sectors are expected to grow at a faster-than-average pace throughout 2014. Also, within the Engineering industry there is the enormous opportunity to create new jobs.

However, in order to be successful in engineering, you must understand how engineering intersects with other disciplines. Often times, engineers find themselves Many professionals in engineering report that they fell into their specialization by doing what they were naturally good at.

Engineering + Technology Spring Career Fair at NYU-Poly
Thursday, February 28, 2013, 11am-3pm | NYU-Poly, Jacobs Gymnasium

NYU students and NYU-Poly students are invited to attend this fair to meet with a large number of employers from diverse industries. Explore full-time, part-time and internship opportunities in fields including Engineering, Computer Hardware/Software, Technology, Science, Management, and Digital Media among others.

This fair will take place at NYU Poly

Career Path Profiles: Software Engineer at GE Healthcare

Considering a career in engineering? Curious how to get started? Or what the job demands? Take a look at this GE Software Engineer’s advice on Vault’s Career Path Profile. Click here to learn more.

Resources at NYU Wasserman

  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss career options and opportunities at NYU Wasserman or NYU Wasserman @ Poly
  • Use your NYU CareerNet account to sign up for relevant events, apply for jobs, and view resources from professionals via Career Explorer, CandidCareers, and Vault Career Insider.
  • Tap in to our Mentor Network to connect with alumni and professionals in the industry.
  • Visit the NYU Wasserman and NYU Wasserman at Poly for additional resources.

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Engineering & Technology Jobs: “In Demand” Candidate Skills

Engineering and Technology jobs are in demand. If you don’t believe, me check out a quick summary of NACE’s Job Outlook 2012 survey.  Make yourself even more in demand by highlighting your technical skills and demonstrating your communication skills to potential employers. A great place to get started is at the Fall Engineering and Technology Career Fair on September 13th at NYU-Poly.

The Wasserblog has already shared basic tips about how to make the most of a career fair. If you missed it, check it out here. However, here are a few more STEM-specific tips to prepare for a career fair.

Technical Skills: Do your research and know what technical skills organizations are looking for. Be sure to include these skills user the “skills” section on your resume and know how talk about your skills. Share with potential employers specific examples of times that you demonstrated a desired skill on an academic project or during previous work experience.

Communication Skills: Technical skills alone won’t get you the job. You need to be able to talk about your skills and articulate what makes you unique and why you are a good fit for the position. Prepare your elevator pitch. It is one thing to say that you are a good communicator, but quite another to demonstrate your communication skills on the spot. The more you practice your pitch (with a career counselor, friends, your cat) the more comfortable you will be presenting it on the day of the fair.

In case you missed it: A Day in the Life Google

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