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“To-Do List” for Winter Break

By: Le-Jeune Sealey-Horsford, College of Nursing, Class of 2014

Congratulate yourself on all the hard work you have put in during the Fall semester. Now, it’s time for the long awaited and well-deserved winter break. Whether you are staying in the city or traveling elsewhere, now is an ideal time to start planning for Spring Semester. Here are some tips to make the most out of your winter vacation:

  1. Start researching Spring/Summer internship/externship opportunities. Many Summer internship/externship applications become available during the spring semester. Winter break is the perfect time to start contacting human resources and drafting internship applications.
  2. Ask your professors for letters of recommendation. Did you make a great impression on a professor this semester? If so, do you think she or he would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for you? Ask! The letter  will come in handy for internship and job applications.
  3. Polish your resume. Did you participate in leadership activities on or off campus during the semester? Did you have an internship? Add those-experiences to your resume. If you need assistance, stop by the Wasserman Center during walk-in hours or make an appointment with a career counselor.
  4. Volunteer. Winter break occurs during-the season of giving. Join in the holiday spirit and give back to the community. Volunteering is a great way to gain and hone skills. Then add your newly acquired skills to resumes and cover letters.
  5. Network. Sift through some of the business cards you collected during the spring semester and reach out to your contacts. This is a good way to leave a positive impression, learn more about a company and attain a valuable contact for yourself for the future. Even attending holiday events can be professionally productive.
  6. Update/Create a CareerNet profile. On CareerNet you can upload your resume, cover letters, look for jobs and RSVP to many career development events.
  7. Shop for professional attire. Take advantage of the holiday sales to add business attire to your wish list.
  8. Practice your elevator pitch with your family and friends. Have them listen and give constructive criticism. Use their feedback to perfect your pitch.

Have a happy, healthy and safe Winter Break and all the best for the New Year!!


Test Prep Tips: GRE

Preparing for your GRE?

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Here’s a couple of tips you should read before you get started:

  • Get to Know the GRE: Unlike the SAT, the GRE is most commonly taken as a computer-adaptive test. The difficulty of the questions is based on your accuracy of the the previous questions. This means that if you do well on the first sets of questions, the next sets will be more difficult.
  • Start Your Preparation Early:Break out those old high school math books, start refreshing on those basic tenants of high school math, sleep with your dictionary, read as much and as often as you can, and take an extra English course to polish your writing skills.
  • Gather some resources or take a prep course: Kaplan offers a number of Resources to help you prepare for the GRE and is a proven leader in test preparation. See their website here, follow their GRE Blog here, or sign up for their “Question of the Day” here.
  • Take a practice exam: The worst thing you could do for your GRE Test Score is to walk in to the exam without having ever taken the exam before. Take a practice exam before you begin to study. This will also help evaluate the areas you should focus your study in.

Want to know where you can take a practice test? Kaplan Test Prep can show you the way to a higher score!

Register for their free practice exam here.

Why Kaplan? With Kaplan you not only experience the exam under proctored conditions and receive a detailed score analysis immediately following the exam, but you also learn exclusive strategies to help improve your score.


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