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Being Socially Smart – Part 2

By Rebecca Warner, Founding Member of Social Assurity LLC. Rebecca can be reached at rebecca@socialassurity.com.

Now,  it’s time to brand yourself. Leverage your social media and create a brand that people want.

Derogatory, bigoted, aggressive, antisocial behavior is unacceptable.  Does your social media contain any of the above? Have any of your friends posted questionable material on your profiles? Think of any misbegotten tags and shares. Remember, recruiters or potential employers don’t actually know you so don’t assume that they will understand your content or give you the benefit of the doubt. Will they get that those were just lyrics you posted? Would that matter to them?  Use common sense. You would never badmouth a recruiter or the company that you just interviewed with right?  Sounds like a terrible idea..but you’d be surprised what people broadcast. Remember, social media is social. You have an audience..and if your privacy settings are lax it may be pretty public.  What if a questionable or adverse picture or post never went away? What if that was the first thing that appeared when someone Googled you? Could you live with it? Consider the permanence of your social media. Once you post something you often lose control of it. Even if your privacy settings are airtight, your friends’ may not be. It can be shared and re-posted instantaneously.

Scan your sites for evidence of drug use, alcohol abuse, aggressive or overtly sexual behavior and any signs of social intolerance. Edit. Would you have a resume full of spelling and grammatical mistakes? Would you go to an interview looking sloppy or dirty? Is NYUStud@aol.com the best email address you can think of? If your social media is a mess, that may send the wrong message. So, clean up your social media. Stay competitive.

Once you’ve cleaned up your Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook, etc. you are not done. That’s just half the equation. Cleaning up gets you back to zero. But zero is not where you want to be. You want to stand out and get noticed. Ask the question again. Is your social media doing anything at all for you? Can anybody find you?  You must be visible.  No one can hire you if they can’t find you.  Are you on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.? Do you have a website? A blog?

So, what does your virtual resume say? If it’s a blank page, it says nothing. Sterile doesn’t persuade employers that you should be on their team.  Show and tell who you are. You have to be persuasive. If you’ve shut down your social media completely or are using a fake name you are missing opportunities. Be authentic. Convince potential employers that you would be a stellar addition to their team, solve their problems and would mesh well with other employees.

How can you convince them? What should people know about you? What have you accomplished? What are your skills? How can you help them? Show and tell how you are a valuable asset.  Have you won any competitions? Are you a leader? Do you volunteer? Telling is powerful but showing can be even more compelling. Use text and media to highlight your attributes while sharing your story and building your brand.

What does your Linkedin profile look like? It should be filled out as completely as possible. You must have a picture. Look professional. Fill out the summary, education, skills, awards, etc. Write recommendations for people you’ve worked with. Like companies, follow your school, connect with people, alumni, recruiters, and join groups. Reach out and engage. Whether it’s with people, companies, recruiters, current employees, etc.

What about Google+? Have a website, great? Get yourself out there! Do you blog? If you have a portfolio, is it online? If not, don’t worry just get busy. Find the best ways to showcase your skills. Get on Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and link your various profiles to one another. Use Pheed and Tumblr to highlight your creative side.

Be mindful of everything you share and update regularly.  So, think about your social media. Are you doing everything you can to stand out, get yourself noticed and get you into that interview or meeting or applicant pool?  Are you easy to connect with? Remember, people will mine their connections for new connections, employees, volunteers, interns, mentors, etc.  Continue to refine your social media and brand.

It’s tough out there so give yourself every advantage you can. Ongoing management of your social media is crucial. At Social Assurity, we say if people are looking, give them something to see. Your social media is one of your biggest assets.

Second semester has barely started, the weather is cold so get going. You’ve got this!

Social Media Week: Recap

We hope you all enjoyed Social Media Week and learned some useful information for promoting your social identity online.

Here are some highlights from this week:

@laurenhilary “Social Media changed my life, how we interact, and we develop our presence on and offline” #NYU #SMW13

“93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to discover talent. #SMW13 @NYUWasserman

“”Think of yourself as a brand” – engage and interact with colleagues and network ties to optimize your professional presence. @Qnary #SMW13

@jeremarketer A Day In The Life: “You must consider impact of messaging, you work-life priorities, and real-time content” #NYU #SMW13

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Social Media Week Highlight: Facebook

Join us here on the NYU Wasserman Blog as we kick off Social Media Week! To view all of the events this week, click the logo below!

Social Media is changing the landscape of today’s careers. It is rapidly becoming an essential tool for building a professional network as well as expanding your employment potential.  The ability to create and sustain your online presence gives you a unique opportunity to establish and promote your personal brand.

Want to know how to get started? Stop by our blog each day this week to see a new Social Media platform highlighted.

First up…Facebook!

You may think of Facebook as that tool you use to follow your old high school flame or your favorite frenemy, to post your envy worthy vacation photos, or to use as a virtual chat page when you are slipping out of your chair in your 3 hour lecture class.

However, Facebook is a great way to seek employment opportunities and to present your professional self.  Just make sure you remember these tips for using Facebook:

  1. Explore and identify companies or groups that have Facebook pages and contact them for more information about opportunities. However, make sure these companies are active on Facebook. Check to see when their last post was made or how often they post to their Facebook.
  2. Facebook is public so before you wreck yourself, check yourself. Facebook or Google yourself to see what comes up and what potential employers will see if they do the same. If you do not like what you find, it is time to do some damage control. Make sure your Facebook profile is consistent with your other social media platforms. If you plan to use your Facebook reSet your privacy settings accordingly. Evaluate your profile picture and make sure it’s professional and appropriate. Your default might be the first the potential employers see: make a great first impression.
  3. There are many different groups on Facebook such as alumni and young professional groups. Add yourself to these groups and keep an eye on updates and posts, you never know what is going to be posted. The next post could be an amazing job opportunity. Utilize Facebook and your connections to seek out these opportunities within your very network.

Click on the Facebook icon above to get started today.

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