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What’s Next? Finance: Beyond Investment Banking

Curious about careers outside the scope of traditional investment banking opportunities? Come to Wasserman this Friday, February 28th at 12:30pm. Panelists will share their insight into different career paths within finance. Through this event, you will learn how to jumpstart your career, prep for interviews in the industry, and how to effectively network your way to success.

Speakers will be on hand from the following organizations:

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How to Prepare for a Career Fair

Willow Caffrey has been at UBS for 3 years and focuses on recruitment for the various Corporate Center Graduate Training, Co-Op and Summer Internship programs. Corporate Center divisions she covers include Group Technology, Group Operations, Risk, Human Resources, COO, Corporate Real estate and Administrative Services, Legal, and Compliance. Here, she offers tips for Career Fair preparation. 

Attending a career fair can be intimidating, however with enough preparation, Career Fairs are a great opportunity to meet key company stakeholders and get you on their radar. Having attended many career fairs as both a student and a recruiter, below are some quick tips to help you prepare.

1.       Do your research! Prepare a list of the organizations you intend to speak to, and do your research by visiting the company’s website. Avoid questions such as, “What does your company do?” or “What are you here for?”. Instead, spend the few minutes you have with each recruiter selling them on why you are a fit for their companies.

2.       Check the university career center page ahead of time. You’ll have a better idea of what roles that company is currently recruiting for on your campus and how you may be a good candidate.

3.       Prepare 3 quick lines about yourself to use when introducing yourself, but don’t sound too rehearsed or scripted.

Introduce yourself (Hi, my name is John Smith and I am a junior at NYU)

Express your interest ( I’m particularly interested in Group Technology)

Pose a question (I was curious to know if you do direct group hiring or if you hire into a pool and allocate into groups)

4.       Make sure you follow up with organizations after the event to remind them of your conversation and interest in their roles

5.       Be YOURSELF!

Following these 5 tips will help impress potential employers and help you have a successful, and less stressful, career fair experience.

Interested in a summer internship with UBS? Be sure to visit their booth at the Spring Job & Internship Fair this Thursday, January 30th.