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Social Media Week Highlight: Twitter

Twitter has over 500 million registered users and More than 50% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands, or products on social networks. 57% of all companies that use social media for business use Twitter.
Twitter is a vital and innovative tool for your career search! Some things to remember when using twitter for your search:
  1. Keep your profile picture and background appropriate and professional. Some people create two different twitter accounts one professional and one personal. Make sure your professional account promotes careers interests. Share articles and links from leaders and employers in your field, retweet company posts, and use industry-related hashtags. Whether you’re interested in graphic design, Medieval art history, or financial risk management, you’re sure to find someone who can share information with you!
  2. Pay it forward! As much as Twitter can be a resource for you, remember that it is first and foremost an information exchange community. Remember to tag handles and hashtags from previous tweets – think of this as Twitter citations. By tagging companies and professionals, you are engaging and interacting in material that improves their brand – and yours.
  3. Save your searches. Twitter allows you to save specific hashtag searches into lists. Keep track of changes in areas of interest by checking in on these hashtags. You can also view your Twitter feed through the list feature and look at all relevant posts, allowing you to seek more information based on your career interests.
  4. Follow companies and employers. More and more organizations are featuring jobs through a click or a tweet. An organization’s Twitter feed is a great way to learn about company culture, organization changes, a company’s contributions to latest trends, and daily updates.
  5. If you reference other social media profiles in your feed, make sure they are updated. Twitter’s “quick-click” approach makes accessing information incredibly efficient and easy. Make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms are up to date.


**If you need assistance in updating your social media profiles and platforms, drop by the Wasserman Center tomorrow from 11:30 to 1pm for PROFILES + PLATFORMS WALK-IN HOURS to meet with counselor to go over your social media presence!
Also, don’t forget to follow our own twitter handles @NYUWasserman, for the most up to date career related information, and @NYUWassEmployer, our employer twitter handle!